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  1. velocity37

    Hacking Best Flash Cart for GB Micro?

    As far as I know, there weren't any GBA flash carts specifically tailored to the GB Micro form factor. Some people have hacked up NDS Lite-sized GBA flash carts to fit. The only readily available Lite-sized card I can think of is the Supercard Lite (USA, Pink, $44.35 Shipped) (China, Black...
  2. velocity37

    Gaming Does 8 mB Make a Difference?

    8MB of video memory probably won't make a difference. Your card can't make use of shared memory? I'd be more worried about the actual graphical performance requirements of the game rather than video memory. What you might want to do is see the actual minimum required video card model, look up...
  3. velocity37

    TinyXP file size 3.18GB???

    This thread should be very relevant to your interests. There's apparently a utility that can identify identical files and automatically hardlink them, but for NTFS only. Linking files in ISOs is a relatively obscure feature, since ones first thought would be "why the hell are there several...
  4. velocity37

    Gaming lastRegret's list of helpful firefox add-ons + extensions

    An extremely helpful add-on is Lazarus. If you're typing something in a textbox and disaster strikes, a timeout or something, and you hit back only to find an empty box? Lazarus has the text ready to restore
  5. velocity37


    Should be easy peasy with GRUB. Just set Windows as the default boot entry, and then set a custom timeout in seconds. It'll boot automatically to windows unless you hit something within the set time limit, which will bring you to the grub menu where you can choose Windows or Linux.
  6. velocity37

    TinyXP file size 3.18GB???

    Identical files are linked. Therefore, if there are 9 copies of notepad.exe, it will only take up a bit more space than storing one copy. With 9 different copies of XP, it would make sense that many files are identical.
  7. velocity37

    Homebrew mkv to DPG convert with subtitles, moonshell2 help?

    BatchDPG should work with Moonshell 2, as I see it referenced in the FAQ thread. mkvmerge is a tool included with the MKVtoolnix set, which should also include mkvextract. MKVExtractGUI just makes the process much easier, especially if one is unfamiliar with using command-line utilities...
  8. velocity37

    Homebrew mkv to DPG convert with subtitles, moonshell2 help?

    Use MKVExtractGUI to extract the subtitles from the MKV. Using BatchDPG, select the input media file as the MKV, and the subtitle file as the one you extracted earlier. Should be as easy as that.
  9. velocity37

    Gaming Best file compression?

    There are a couple things you can do. If the video is an AVI, you can remux it to MKV to save a few MBs of overhead. With VirtualDub, you can cut out some of the video stream at keyframes to trim without recompression. You could also experiment with overburn to try to squeeze a bit more space...
  10. velocity37

    Hacking wii 90% bricked.. need help! :)

    Forgive me if I'm of no help, but if your network settings are somehow intact, can you run Waninkoko's Firmware updater 4.2?
  11. velocity37

    Chinatown Wars PSP sells less than 10,000, Disasterous Bomb, No Sequel

    Oh wow, I didn't even know that this game was coming out for the PSP. Not that I go out of my way to look for upcoming releases, but maybe marketing is a factor? (Or since it's just a port, nobody cares.) Chinatown Wars was fun for a first play-through, but I don't see myself completing it...
  12. velocity37

    Hacking gba expansion save problem

    Yeah, the battery would be the first thing to look at. You'll want to pop open the cartridge and check it with a multi-meter to make sure it's still giving an acceptable voltage. If it's toast, you'll have to replace it with a new one. Depending on how they've got it in there, it might be...
  13. velocity37

    Hardware WODE Wii Modchip

    With a softmod, you can also copy games. Most people opt for using a USB loader. With that, you can hook up a USB hard drive, then dump games from the disk drive to the hard drive. If you rent every game from your store, you could have something like this. Games don't have to be pristine to be...
  14. velocity37


    Quite an obscure one you've found there. The best I could find is a post on m3i forum where someone bought a cart from them. Do they have something that you can't find anywhere else or something?
  15. velocity37

    Hacking Does a hdd behind a hub work?

    If you really want to give your drive some extra juice, you can use a Y-split USB cable connecting the drive to both the Wii and a USB AC Adapter. You'll probably want a USB extension cable as well, so your Wii doesn't have to be a foot from an AC outlet. This way, your drive will definitely...
  16. velocity37

    Hacking Help with backup loader/launcher for wii

    cIOS is a Custom IOS. Yeah... I'm not digging FileTrip either, but download should work fine. Here's a screenshot: If your cIOS installation attempts have failed, then that's why no USB loader will work. It is required. Just give that a go with network install (wireless/wired internet...
  17. velocity37

    Hacking Help with backup loader/launcher for wii

    Hello. First off, this is the GBA section. That being said... You probably don't have a CIOS installed if you can't get any USB loader to work. You'll need to install one, such as CIOS 38r14. After that, you should be good to go. I use Configurable USB Loader myself, but there are many to...
  18. velocity37

    uCON64 2.0.0

    [note: you can get builds for many other platforms on the project homepage] uCON64 - THE tool for all your video game console concerns. Its main features are: - It is Open Source Software - (Therefore) support for MANY platforms like: Unix, Win32, MSDOS, etc... - Support for 14+...
  19. velocity37

    MegaZeux DS 2.1 10/18/09

    It seems to work with my 3-in-1 (first version) as I didn't get any errors. To test it, I found the biggest game I could on DigitalMZX, which happened to be Focus Point. The lack of processing power on the NDS and Ogg Vorbis support ruined it though, but it ran!.
  20. velocity37

    MegaZeux DS 10/7/09

    Test hardware: NDS Lite EDGE v1.45 EZ-Flash 3-in-1 [First version] Megazeux: Fail memtestARM "EZ-Flash": Fail memtestARM "Unknown": Works! (Detects "EZ-Flash") Strange that memtestARM didn't detect my pack when I correctly specified the type...
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