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  1. Kafluke

    Im back

    I had some major life issues in the past year and a half (I amost died). Im just getting all caught up and have many personal IM's. Please for now just ask in the forums. I promise ill be myself again soon and yes, i will finish my community guide for the switch. Just give me time. Thanks...
  2. Kafluke

    Hacking Worried about being banned

    Find the updated nsp and download it with a computer. Then boot the emulated nand and update the game with one of the many apps available to install nsps. Done
  3. Kafluke

    Hacking Life happened. Been away for months. Anyone willing to catch me up?

    Thanks everyone. - Lost my job when COVID hit - Daughter got Corona Virus - oldest daughter (20 years old) disowned me - earthquakes - Turned to alcohol and had to rehab - NBA got delayed - People rioted in home town - lost health insurance The list goes on and on. Things are turning a corner...
  4. Kafluke

    Hacking Life happened. Been away for months. Anyone willing to catch me up?

    2020 kicked my ass. Been off the forums for 4 months. Whats new? Any new cool hacks? Can you buy SX modchips for new systems yet? New exploits? RCM still needed? Etc.
  5. Kafluke

    Hacking Prevent Switch (newest v2, HADSKAAAA) from updating? (for future exploits)

    They have already shipped units to resellers. Many people have these chips now. They haven't just showcased them. They are out now. You can buy one.
  6. Kafluke

    Homebrew I think I bricked my Wii U. How to fix?

    Wow that was kinda cool to see you reference my wii u guide @godreborn. I haven't touched my wii u since the switch came out. I didn't know it was still relevant. Made my day. Thanks bro.
  7. Kafluke

    Hacking Question Is it safe to enable/disable AutoRCM as much as I want?

    I've had autoRCM enabled for two+ years. I also dock my switch when I dont use it. The battery has fully drained when I forgot to dock it twice in that time frame. I charged it for an hour each time (long enough to get it in OFW). Then it was fine. Draw your conclusion from my statements.
  8. Kafluke

    Hacking Problems while restoring NAND

    Is that a yes or a question? It doesn't matter the order. Just don't try and boot in between flashing. Do all three and then boot to RCM. (Your fuse count probably won't match)
  9. Kafluke

    Hacking Problems while restoring NAND

    Did you just restore the nand or did you do boot0 and boot1 as well. If you didn't restore all 3 files then manually fixing with choi is your only option.
  10. Kafluke

    Hacking Can I use the official FW if I use sxos?

    In my opinion choi should always update with exfat option. Just kill the fat32 only option. It will still work with fat32 just fine. It would cut down on new posts about sd problems.
  11. Kafluke

    Hacking Question Is this okay to do?

    likely a ban
  12. Kafluke

    Hacking Question Does tegrarcmgui & hacdiskmount work on sx core switches?

    If you can get it to stay in RCM I dont see why it wouldn't have to read the manual to see if you can interrupt the payload process and stay in RCM.
  13. Kafluke

    Hacking Just got a Switch lite, it worth getting a modchip?

    There's nothing you can do with your switch lite yet. The mod chips that are available are for patchable switches only. Team xecuter will be releasing a mod chip for lites soon but for now you're stuck.
  14. Kafluke

    Hacking [Guide] Kafluke's HardMod CBHC Unbrick guide

    Just do a google search. I've been out of the Wii u scene for years.
  15. Kafluke

    Hacking Switch will not boot after updating firmware

    Did you overwrite the files on your SD? Its recommended to delete the atmos files and copy fresh new ones. 1. Backup everything on SD. 2. Format the SD to fat32 or exfat. You're choice. 3. Copy fresh latest and new atmos files to SD. Leave the rest of your files alone for now. 4. Attempt to...
  16. Kafluke

    Hacking Is there a way to enter Recovery mode (Maintenance mode) without pressing Vol+ and Vol- buttons?..

    You can pull the back off and easily press the volume buttons. I'm still curious though. What are you trying to do in maintenance mode?
  17. Kafluke

    Hacking Is there a way to enter Recovery mode (Maintenance mode) without pressing Vol+ and Vol- buttons?..

    I was going to try and help you. Was just wondering why you want inside maintenance mode. There are a lot of misconceptions as to what you can accomplish in maintenance mode. No need to be snarky. I wasnt being rude just looking for more info so I could help. I might be one of the most...
  18. Kafluke

    Hacking Switch won’t boot into cfw!

    Can you get to OFW? Take out the SD and boot to OFW and tell us the firmware version of your sysnand.
  19. Kafluke

    Hacking Is there a way to enter Recovery mode (Maintenance mode) without pressing Vol+ and Vol- buttons?..

    The real question is why do you want to enter maintenance mode?
  20. Kafluke

    Hacking EmuNAND Stopped working after SysNAND restore

    If OP used the switch to format it then it's most likely exfat
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