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  1. kumikochan

    Deep Silver announces plans for new 'TimeSplitters' game

    One of the best game series there is !
  2. kumikochan

    Skyward Sword HD will have a $25 amiibo that unlocks new fast travel features

    Plus a 10 euro/dollar increase seeing amiibo's on launch normally cost 10 less. Nintendo being anti consumer once more and still people white knight them despite all this anti consumer things they have done/keep on doing.
  3. kumikochan

    Nintendo secures RCM loader ban in the U.S.

    The thing is that this is also the reason why Nintendo consoles get hacked way more as any other console. The more ill will you create with certain groups, the more likely they will do their utmost best to hack it. We've seen this with the ps3 when linux couldn't be installed anymore and seen...
  4. kumikochan

    Dragon Quest XI delisted on Steam and PSN following release of DQ XI S: Definitive Edition

    Other games always gave owners free of charge the upgrade to the definitive version on steam while here they ask money instead. Square enix being greedy is nothing new
  5. kumikochan

    Super Mario Maker for the Wii U will be delisted next year, online services to shut down

    Funny how servers for xbox live games are still up , way way older as compared to mario maker. I still don't get why everyone keeps defending Nintendo so much when they're basically the most anti consumer out of all 3
  6. kumikochan

    Humble is offering a collection of discounted VR titles in its latest bundle

    They do, seeing you can still use the original vive and oculus but you can't use a ps3 or Xbox 360 anymore for newer titles plus that wasn't the point of this conversation.
  7. kumikochan

    Humble is offering a collection of discounted VR titles in its latest bundle

    It's not. The hp reverb G2 is way way better and only for around 600-700 euro
  8. kumikochan

    A not so remembered game that means a lot to you.

    Mine is Infinite undiscovery, one of the games Microsoft made to push for JRpg's. One of the darkest JRpg's I ever played and one of the games that made my cry so hard like with no other. One of the best JRpg's made and sadly almost no one played
  9. kumikochan

    Nintendo Treehouse Live announced for tomorrow

    Still no metroid prime " they just don't care anymore seeing it's one port after another " the switch is literally becoming a port machine
  10. kumikochan

    Nintendo Switch hackers Team Xecuter leaders arrested, charged in federal indictment

    All I can say to this is "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ........ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA "
  11. kumikochan

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass news to be revealed tomorrow

    Nintendo 50 percent - gamerfreak 50 percent = pokemon company. If ur gonna name two of them then you should also name Nintendo. People always act like it's not Nintendo's doing while it equally is their doing too
  12. kumikochan

    Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - TGS Trailer

    Liking it so far. They kept the gore as much as possible in it. Despite it being animated it still gives you that eerie feeling
  13. kumikochan

    Amazon announces its new cloud gaming service Amazon Luna

    How is it not a competitor to xcloud but it is to google stadia when literally all the games are included in your monthly sub without having to buy them separately ? It's exactly like xcloud and because of that a competitor to xcloud and not google stadia
  14. kumikochan

    [UPDATE] Microsoft announces acquisition of Bethesda

    There are multiple reasons and not just one reason
  15. kumikochan

    [UPDATE] Microsoft announces acquisition of Bethesda

    That's because they had the license to use those characters. it's totally different and not the same whatsoever
  16. kumikochan

    [UPDATE] Microsoft announces acquisition of Bethesda

    that's actually not the whole story. The reason Nintendo ditched Sony was because on the game cases it had to say Sony In a much bigger font as Nintendo and on the add on only Sony was allowed as branding. Sony were the same assholes as they are now
  17. kumikochan

    Shenmue Anime announced as Crunchyroll and Adult Swim Production

    Then why the hell did you play it since it's quite obvious the game wasn't meant for you and I can only guess you didn't even finish all games fully auto Oh I'm guessing nobody cared about it and the kickstarter money just went over the double amount it needed by itself.
  18. kumikochan

    A Nintendo Direct Mini quietly dropped today, focuses on third party titles only

    Where the hell is metroid ? It's been over 5 years now I think since the title teaser. Guess they don't seem to care anymore since 2020 has been the Wii U all over again
  19. kumikochan

    Amazon's Twitch Prime is being re-branded as Prime Gaming

    You're missing some great shows tho like one of the best being on there is " the boys "
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