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  1. Talaria

    Opinion on swearing?

    Oh and also another interesting analogy of swearing by Stephen Fry,
  2. Talaria

    Breaking News NewZeland EarthQuake.

    Yes there are, I was in Christchurch when the earthquake struck. Was in the 3rd floor of the University Library when it struck, never knew books could fly. And yes we do get earthquakes, the same city got a 7.1 Earthquake about 5 months ago, no lives were lost though.
  3. Talaria

    Your thoughts on suicide

    A little off-topic, but don't you just love Google's Adsense? An eerily appropriate ad to be showing while browsing this thread.
  4. Talaria

    New Phone or 3DS

    Depends on your phone usage. Personally I kinda regret buying my iphone, as all I really use it for is sending texts, occasionally hitting up Facebook, google maps etc and a few calls. Sure there are some neat apps out there, but it all kinda wore off for me after a few months resulting in me...
  5. Talaria

    for those who have had any paranormal experiences

    I don't believe in the "paranormal", the human mind is merely very imaginative. You'll notice how most "supernatural" things seem to occur at night, when vision isn't exactly the clearest, senses are heightened and the mind must fill in blank. Heh, used to work for a tourism venture at an old...
  6. Talaria

    WTF Mirror Improves my TV quality ?

    I think TrolleyDave has the correct answer. The image of the TV in the mirror would appear a lot smaller so therefore the picture would seem better quality. For example, loading a standard youtube video if you blow it up full screen it looks absolutely horrible, but if you view it at a smaller...
  7. Talaria

    Has Tom Kenny, the Voice of Spongebob, died?

    Bahaha, it's just like the false rumours that circulated the world about how the actor from Blue's Clues died, Steve Burns. I still meet people today who think he committed suicide or died of a drug overdose.
  8. Talaria

    [S]uper Secret Surprise Art Cards

    I believe you may have left the ten-ten off the Katakana 'Fu' on the first line of phoenixgoddess27's picture. I think you may mean 「 ダブルレインボー 」. Edit- Cool Pictures by the way. I do like your sketches/pictures that I have seen of yours over the years.
  9. Talaria

    Rate the song from the poster before you

    Not really a fan of K-Pop, was mildly interesting 1/5.
  10. Talaria

    Chicken Nuggets made of pink goop O_o

    Fortunately over here McDonald's has been cleaning up their image. So the Chicken Nuggets, McChicken Bugers etc are all made from fresh Chicken breast instead of reconstituted chicken goop. Plus all the food is made fresh for order rather than being stuck on a food warmer for half a day.
  11. Talaria

    Gaming Great PC games from before 2000

    Original Age Of Empires and Age of Kings Heroes of Might and Magic III Commander Keen
  12. Talaria

    first planet found in a habitable zone

    Unfortunately even if we could travel at the Speed of Light it would take about 20.3 years to reach it. So sending a satellite yet alone a Space Shuttle there is nigh impossible unless we wanted to wait several hundred years.
  13. Talaria

    Debate: are people getting thicker?

    How to you measure Intelligence/Thickness? Who's smarter, a guy who crafts beautiful, intricate furniture out of wood or a physicist working in an area of the String Theory?
  14. Talaria

    "what if" game

    They'd wash their hands after eating you. What if Princess Peach never got kidnapped by Bowser?
  15. Talaria

    Removing DRM Protection

    Due to customer complaints and lobbying by various organisations the majority of Itunes music is DRM free and has been for the past year or so. Oh and if you have music with DRM I'm afraid there is not much you can do about it unless you want to mess around with recording the audio.
  16. Talaria

    Something really horrible.

    Edit- Reply to below, to an extent, some of your argument's were moot, as unfortunately I was misinterpreted such is the nature of a written text. And yes my new arguments are nothing really, just a dickish need to reply. What I was attempting to point out is how do you define life? Who can take...
  17. Talaria

    Something really horrible.

    All comes down to your philosophy on the value of life. In my opinion people too often try and shove a human perspective on an animal. For example: ( Oh this isn't based on the quote above, just various comments in the thread) 1. A dolphin is not a human it does not think or feel in our...
  18. Talaria

    Oh, SOUP?

    Sigh, Testing Area...
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