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  1. Seven

    Good anime

    I don't see why a gender distinction needs to be made, especially with a series with such a dark narrative.
  2. Seven

    Good anime

    I'm rather surprised that Puella Magi Madoka Magica hasn't appeared once.
  3. Seven

    Favourite Cloud Service and Why

    Check this topic: If you still don't have extra space bonuses, file a ticket.
  4. Seven

    Favourite Cloud Service and Why

    This, if you're already running on a web host. Rsync and a web server, and you're set. If you're not running a web server, you're probably looking for a cloud storage program with a fairly intuitive interface. Here's a super helpful comparison of storage services from the Verge. Personally, I...
  5. Seven

    What are you watching now?

    Mad Men ...also, to my chagrin, Sword Art Online. I very much do not recommend this.
  6. Seven

    What prizes do you want?

    Nexus 7. Steam vouchers.
  7. Seven

    What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Guilt mostly. I haven't beaten a game in a few months. Also I was so far into the moé abyss that it wasn't worth quitting for the time I put into it. I simply didn't realize how gut-wrenchingly frustrating it could be until halfway through. It's evil.
  8. Seven

    What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Finished that god-awful button masher jRPG that is Fortune Summoners. Never touching it ever again.
  9. Seven

    Video Game Logic

    Minecraft cake:
  10. Seven

    The El-durr Scrolls: Your favorite glitches

    A good amount of these bugs were fixed, but still funny:
  11. Seven

    Offering a service (Cart Battery Replacement)

    Good luck on this! I've been looking for a service similar to this, except in the US.
  12. Seven

    Cloud Atlas trailer

    I've read the book. The movie's probably a good step in for people who are interested in the overall plot of the book but the movie script probably did without a good portion of the language incorporated into the novel, which is a shame. But, like any film adaptation, it's exciting to see the...
  13. Seven

    [Essentials] Webcomics

    +1 Homestuck Actually could you lump that under MS Paint Adventures since that includes Homestuck, Problem Sleuth, et al.? If not, +1 Problem Sleuth +1 Johnny Wander +1 Hark! A Vagrant +1 Dinosaur Comics +1 Gunshow Comic +1 Cucumber Quest +1 Penny Arcade (duh) +1 Nedroid (holy hell why is this...
  14. Seven

    Gaming DeltaBurnt's Left 4 Gbatemp Nights

    I'll be able to join on either L4D/L4D2, might be running a bit late depending on how work hours go this week.
  15. Seven

    Post a picture of your desktop!

    It's been such a long time. EDIT: Filthy image size limits corrected.
  16. Seven

    What do you use to listen to tunes.

    foobar2000, functions as my iPod manager and general music player. I use MPC as usual for any movies, shows, etc. As for lossy/lossless, I generally try to get things at 320kbps or higher but if it's rare enough I can even tolerate 192. Sometimes I go out of my way to get FLAC depending on how...
  17. Seven

    Post a picture of your desktop!

    Fairly unchanged. Still very fond of steelorb+soft 7, but what the hey.
  18. Seven

    Stick with Heart Gold or move to Soul Silver

    To be quite honest I never see any Olympic athletes shooting for silver. But hey if it suits your fancy go ahead, no one's stopping you.
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