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  1. mrissaoussama

    Official MediCat USB - A Multiboot Linux USB for PC Repair

    i think when the menu appears, there is text saying press f2 to boot with memdisk if i remember correctly
  2. mrissaoussama

    Official MediCat USB - A Multiboot Linux USB for PC Repair

    how can i add stuff like net framework,direct x,visual c++ to the mini win 10 iso?
  3. mrissaoussama

    Hacking [RELEASE] PS4 Gentoo by mircoho

    thanks for editing with the answer. how dpo you install it?
  4. mrissaoussama

    Hacking [RELEASE] PS4 Gentoo by mircoho

    can i install on internal hdd? is 6.72 supported?
  5. mrissaoussama

    Homebrew [Release][WIP] 3DSync

    does adding users cost anything? or do they increase it when the limit is reached?
  6. mrissaoussama

    Homebrew RELEASE Tesla - The Nintendo Switch Overlay Menu

    can this be used for some kind of messaging/voice chat app?
  7. mrissaoussama

    Hacking WIP DragonMMC - TriNAND, TriSD, Solderless Internal Payload Injector / Kickstand

    nice project, sounds like it took a lot of time to make If I am understanding correctly, this only works on hackable switches right? or just switches with access to rcm?
  8. mrissaoussama

    thanks for not requiring sign in to see posts/download

    i'm already a member but sometimes i use other pcs and I was surprised the site didn't even tell me to sign in to do anything like 95% of other forums. thanks!
  9. mrissaoussama

    Hacking [WIP] games that can be trimmed to save storage list

    i just read about it. if i understand correctly, it doesn't automatically do that. someone must remove the files first, built and test. and it it's successful then a gp4 file can be uploaded so it will remove the files automatically. i'll add it to the guide. this is helpful
  10. mrissaoussama

    Hacking [WIP] games that can be trimmed to save storage list

    I do this on ps3 to save space by removing/zeroing unneeded languages and videos. so i decided to do the same for ps4. I just started today so if anyone wants to help here are the steps: if you've yet to dump your game, download and extract it Turn on the console, insert...
  11. mrissaoussama

    Emulation trading pc games for an CEMU online account

    i doubt anyone would share. the account won't get banned, yet i can't find any
  12. mrissaoussama

    Gaming Gateway Cheats

    can someone make a code for persona q2 where any skill can be selected/unselected using a button so it can be passed when using fusion sacrifice ?
  13. mrissaoussama

    Hardware change off brand ps3 controller?

    i got 2 of brand ps3 controllers, the problem is that they can't be paired together at the same time. when th second one connects, the first onez is disconnected. i tried a variety of cable/wireless combinations and port placements. and that's how i thought that the controllers have the same...
  14. mrissaoussama

    Hacking dump pkgs using han?

    is it possible?
  15. mrissaoussama

    Rei teases ΔLaunch, a WIP Home menu replacement for the Switch

    i know it's a WIP, but is there any info about ram usage? the stock menu uses less than 200kb if i remember correctly
  16. mrissaoussama

    ROM Hack M&L BIS and NTR Cheat Plugin Issue

    can you link the file?
  17. mrissaoussama

    Hacking extract console specific info?

    what are the directories /tools that let me extract console specific files? like online key and files that could let you access the hard drive in the future
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