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    Hardware What is the firmware of an out of the box 3DS XL

    Hm; that`s too bad. I guess I`ll have to try eBay or a local game store to get a used one, where I can confirm the system version before buying it.
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    Hardware What is the firmware of an out of the box 3DS XL

    I don`t have 3DS flashcart (at the moment, anyway); I just need a 3DS with firmware that`s compatible with the ram2sav method of dumping a Pokemon Gen VI save. I only just recently bought Y and OR (got out of the series for a while after getting bored with Gen V), and I wanted to be able to at...
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    Hardware What is the firmware of an out of the box 3DS XL

    Sorry for the bump, but I felt this would be better than starting a brand new thread to ask the same question. I need a 3DS XL with firmware between 9.0.0-20 and 9.5.0-22, and I`m considering just going out to Best Buy and buying a brand new one. I was hoping a few recent purchasers (also in...
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    DS #XXXX: PokÃmon Distribution Cart 2 2011 (USA)

    The beasts aren't on this one, as has been stated several times in the thread. This is the second distribution Nintendo sent out to Gamestops, with the WIN2011 Celebi instead of the GAMESTP Celebi that was on the original distro cart. If you want the beasts, use this cart...
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    DS #DSi 0131: Pokémon White Version (USA)

    Gen IV games have no bearing on B&W. It's already common knowledge that there are no distinct, regionalized Wi-Fi events in Gen IV. The only thing it judges by is language. All English Gen IV games released everywhere shared the same server; it was just a matter of TPCi choosing not to...
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    New Pokémon Video Games Shatter U.S. Sales Records

    They're good games, but IMO the lack of several features which should, by now, have become standard (even for the initial 2 versions of a generation) leave me feeling a bit disappointed in B&W. Yes, the games are relatively fun and fresh your first time through, but after the Elite 4 they leave...
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    RUMOUR: Nintendo to anounce Wii 2 at E3 2011

    I'm hoping they do; the Wii is getting a bit stale at this point, and right now Nintendo could release a console more powerful than the 360 and probably with enough new features to give it an edge over the PS3 (even if it can't quite outmuscle it in raw power) for less than the price of either.
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    Gaming [NA & EU] Official ‘Pokémon Black’ and ‘White’ Thread

    Glad I have the NDS Adapter Plus from EMS. Supposedly that will back up B&W saves allright, though I haven't tried yet. It works with HgSs, anyway, and those also had the IR port.
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    Sony NGP to have Augmented Reality

    At least they were smart enough not to require 3G (personally I have no interest, but it's at least fortunate for those who may). With the ridiculous prices for cellphone and similar wireless plans in Canada, the initial purchase price for this thing will be the least of people's worries.
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    Hacker Finds PS3 Firmware 3.56 Exploit

    And he's still alive? Shocking. I would've thought for sure that Sony would put a hit out.
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    DS #XXXX: PokÃmon Distribution Cart 2 2011 (USA)

    It'll work with any English Gen IV game, whatever country it's from. It's only capable of distinguishing by version (Platinum, Diamond, etc... though in this case it will send to all Gen IV versions) and language; and English games everywhere are counted as the same language.
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    DS #DSi 0131: Pokémon White Version (USA)

    Anyone know yet if the North American English games share the same Mystery Gift server as the European and Australian English games? I suppose we'll know, one way or the other, if the Liberty Pass is still available to North America after the 10th of April (it's advertised end date here), and...
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    DS #XXXX: PokÃmon Distribution Cart 2 2011 (USA)

    Also, the dates listed in the NFO aren't quite right. Obviously the beasts aren't on there at all, but Celebi's date range to enable broadcast appears to be February 14th - March 7th, 2011.
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    DS #XXXX: PokÃmon Distribution Cart 2 2011 (USA)

    The NFO can't be right; there was never a shiny Celebi event, and if this is the one with the shiny beasts on it then that was leaked way back before the event began. If this is the second Celebi distro cart, on the other hand, then I'm interested.
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    Traces of Alien Bacteria Found on Meteorite

    Because the Universe is far too vast for anything else to be the case. To think Earth could be the only planet to have produced life in a Universe with ~14 billion years of history, tens of billions of galaxies in the observable Universe alone (and likely hundreds of billions in the Universe as...
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    Gaming [NA & EU] Official ‘Pokémon Black’ and ‘White’ Thread

    No. English games in Gen IV sold everywhere (US, Canada, UK, Australia, many other European countries that don't get the games translated in their own native language) all had access to the exact same event server. Mystery Gift distributions in Gen IV determined elgibility first by which...
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    Gaming [NA & EU] Official ‘Pokémon Black’ and ‘White’ Thread

    Something I'm curious about, for anyone who managed to buy their North American English Black or White early... are you able to access the Liberty Ticket mystery gift over Wi-Fi today? That would confirm that Gen V mystery gifts, like Gen IV, discriminate solely by language and not region. The...
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    Sony Expanding It's Case - Looking For All PS3 Hackers

    lol. Good luck with that, Sony. I guess it would be kind of aggravating if, just when their console started actually making some money as opposed to the years it spent as a drain on the company, a hack is released. Still, this is only going to alienate consumers.
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    PS3 Hacker Tells Sony to Back-Off or Else!

    I get the feeling they're going to lose; and hard. Not only will they lose this battle, but these petty attacks are going to damage their image in the process. Sony isn't so stupid as to be ignorant of how the internet works in this day and age. You can't but the genie back in the bottle...
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    NGP (PSP2) announced!

    Also, how much more do you want it to cost? Even 3G is superfluous; a good Wi-Fi signal is a better and cheaper option.
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