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  1. Advi

    The war on gay kids: "Give 'em a good punch"

    Let he who is without sin cast the first punch?
  2. Advi

    Hacking vita playing PC games

    The original poster certainly did, citing Killing Floor as an example. Of course the Vita would possibly be able to run games for MS-DOS and early Windows versions, which are so old that full-performance emulation is possible with completely portable code. The original PSP even has a DOSBox port.
  3. Advi

    US presidential election

    I think Santorum's infamy as an extremely evangelical and homophobic prick has actually helped him a bit by distracting people from the fact that he's also blatantly politically corrupt and self-serving.
  4. Advi

    Gaming 32 or 64 bit Windows 7 on Bootcamp?

    64-bit x86 processors are an extension to their 32-bit counterparts; just like the 32-bit x86 processors are an extension to the original 16-bit models. The "bits" of a processor architecture are a specific quality, not a quantity that implies backwards-compatibility.
  5. Advi

    Hacking vita playing PC games

    I'm pretty sure it will take a LOT more power to emulate a Super Nintendo game than a modern Windows game--ever heard of Moore's Law? A lot of games require specifications that still greatly exceed the resources of a PS Vita, and that is just to run the game natively, without any emulation or...
  6. Advi

    Gaming 32 or 64 bit Windows 7 on Bootcamp?

    64-bit Windows 7 features native compatibility with most 32-bit programs.
  7. Advi

    Hacking vita playing PC games

    You do know that the specific architecture of a processor matters far, far more than clock speed and number of cores, right? And that running a program compiled for one ISA on another--in this case, running an x86 program on an ARM processor--requires substantially more processing power than...
  8. Advi

    Hacking vita playing PC games

    Even if the source is freely available, it still might not be possible. The vast majority of computer games run on Microsoft Windows, and I'm pretty confident that they aren't willing to port their proprietary APIs to a competitor's device. Same reason free and open source programs like...
  9. Advi

    The Mysterious Wii U

  10. Advi

    The Mysterious Wii U

    Except it's an actual game and not a 99-cent boredom killer.
  11. Advi

    Artist Wanted~

    Stop making me feel poor. ;_;
  12. Advi

    GTA V Reveal Trailer

    Let's hope this time it isn't console-optimized and focuses more on the GPU, concering the Windows version.
  13. Advi

    Siri Ported to Older Phones

    I wouldn't be surprised if Siri was going to be a multiplatform application before Apple bought it from SRI International.
  14. Advi

    Girls Scouts say yes to the BOY who wants to join them

    As an ex-member of the Boy Scouts, I see nothing wrong with your post.
  15. Advi

    Sony hack losses.

    why would that be? sony has recovered from being caught red handed before; this only hurts the thousands of people with stolen info.
  16. Advi

    Sony Sued for PSN Security Breach

    EDIT: nvm, didn't bother read through thread
  17. Advi

    Whats your religion

    or allah, or vishnu, or xenu.
  18. Advi

    Whats your religion

    i always laugh whenever i see people debating evidence when it comes to religion. religion is based on faith, it does not require any actual evidence. its reasoning lies within intuition. why do people argue that? if you feel any sort of need to go to any length to disprove somebody's religious...
  19. Advi

    Disney & Commodore

    my jealousy meter is off the charts; i've always wanted an amiga or a commodore, and those machines look absolutely awesome. i very much want.
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