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  1. xflash

    Gaming Burnout Paradise

    hehe no its a really good game but the whole drive around thingy is annoying
  2. xflash

    Gaming Burnout Paradise

    err no im from norway im a game reviewer for the local news paper anyway what i meant was that the game it self was like nfs just the whole drive around instead of menus part which i never actually liked oh yeah if you have any questions about the game ask away and ill try to answer them
  3. xflash

    Gaming Burnout Paradise

    i got it yesterday check my gt if you don't believe me, but anyway personally i think the whole street light thingy is a little messy and it just doesn't feel like burnout anymore it feels more like need for speed without customisation and the takedowns are way to easy just a little shunt is all...
  4. xflash

    Wii #0507 - C.S.I: Hard Evidence (USA)

    this game is just begging for a sex joke lol anyway is this an adventure game?
  5. xflash

    ITT Games you love that no one else has played

    indeed, i playd it on my xbox, my pc, my ds and my psp that game is so damn good kinda like spore's ancestor
  6. xflash

    GBA #2804 - Harry Potter Collection (Europe)

    actually that was the first gbc one
  7. xflash

    GBA #2804 - Harry Potter Collection (Europe)

    i didn't even know that guy had a motorcycle use the spoiler tags next time
  8. xflash

    Gaming Transfer game saves from one X360 to another

    with a memory card note you can't move all saves nut most of them perfect dark and viva pinata saves for one can't be moved from one 360 to another
  9. xflash

    Gaming Halo 3 Campaign

    i can help you even thought i'v already done it on legendary (i should be a big help since im pretty good at head shooting) since campagin is always fun gamer tag is paukatt (im a captian grade 2)
  10. xflash

    Gaming DS Games That Surprised You?

    puzzle quest and phoenix wright. my brother had heard of it and told me about it and how he wanted to try it. thought being an attorney sounded boring to me so i had it on my flash card so he could try it. a few days later i got really bored and decided to try it and im glad i did cause now...
  11. xflash

    Gaming Haloo 3 Sandtrap fun

    we should get around to forging some linkiboy im a pro at glitching (maybe i could teach you a few tricks) i know how to get out of almost every map including sandtrap oh yeah have you done the flying elephant yet? thoose things are so funny with instant respawn explosives i want to show you...
  12. xflash

    Gaming [Essentials] Xbox 360

    i´ll add my vote for halo 3 amped 3 kameo saints row mass effect viva pinata oblivion overlord perfect dark zero crackdown
  13. xflash

    Your First Post

    lotsa typos back then anyway that was my first post about one of my favorite game series Boktai
  14. xflash

    What is your latest injury?

    i´v never had any major injuries but lately i´v been getting a lot of bruises on my hands because my new cat likes to bite and scratch things
  15. xflash

    What can i get for 100 dollars

    Your mom JK i suppose you could get i hundred dollar bill lol
  16. xflash

    Day 5: BRah!

    what if you´re banned (remember "prove it"?)? i don´t get to be cool anymore do i? anyway i got kinda confused by this poll and just voted not want
  17. xflash

    rate the signature above yours

    you forgot to rate the sig above you so i´ll rate silentsj´s sig 10/10 perfect
  18. xflash

    rate the signature above yours

    10/10 omg it´s a screaming eagle
  19. xflash

    Gaming Which one?

    halo 3 it might be an old game but it will last a lot longer than the other games (maybe COD4 remember halo has a map maker) i´v had halo for a month now and i still play it like when i got it because it´s still fun with all the custom maps and games out there you´ll never know what will happen...
  20. xflash

    Gaming Isn't Wii supposed to be cheaper ?

    you forgot mario galaxy anyway im sorry if i offended you i didn´t mean it that way what i meant was hardcore gamers like mthrnite said also i wasn´t saying the wii was cheaply manufactured i just said some people might think it is because of a low price and yeah i know the 360 has had a lot...
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