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    Hacking 32GB sd can limit - looking for help in troubleshooting

    So I'm happily running emunand (on micro SD) at 9.1.0. My sysnand is still at 1.0. Unfortunately, I am still unable to use anything larger than a 32GB SDHC memory card. That also includes not being able to use SDXC cards at all. I had thought I would've received the update to use larger...
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    Hacking need help in updating Switch 1.0.0

    I have an SX Pro and can successfully enter RCM mode. I've placed the boot.bin in the root of my SD card (2.5.3). I have performed a full NAND back. Once completed I registered my switch and received a license.dat file from TX. However, when I copy that file to the root of my card and boot (auto...
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    Hacking Supercard FW Update: Data Verify Error?? WTF?

    K, so when I try to apply the SCSD patch (UPGRADE.scu) it immediatly says: Data Verify Error Please turn off the GBA ?? Can somebody please tell me what this means? I've got an original DS, Supercard SD and the last FW released (think it was 1.62). Thanks!! edit: I should note that I've tried...
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    Hacking Oprah browser on SupercardSD

    I'm wondering what the status is of running the DS Browser via SupercardSD. Is it in the works? Has it been successfully accomplished? Is it possible? Your thoughts? :wtf: -Johny-D
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