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    Hacking R4 WiFi Upgrade revolution for ds bricked

    If your R4 is one of the ones that can have something flashed to it, you could always launch the updater, but swap the cards before you begin the update. Otherwise, go buy a new one, they're like $4.
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    PS Jailbreak - The first PS3 Modchip

    Wonder if there'll be a way to trigger it via a PSP using homebrew or via a computer with a male-male USB Cable. Still, even the idea of the clones interests me - I'm not sure if I'll be willing to lose my PS3's online access though, so I'm waiting to see what happens regarding 3.50 before I...
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    Metroid: Other M comes in a dual-layered DVD.

    The videos will be anamorphic just like most other content. Basically, if for some reason you're using a 4:3 TV, expect black bars.
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    Gaming Is this PSP hackable?

    It's definitely able to use ChickHEN, but it may not be permanently hackable. Take the risk and get it - worst case scenario you just run ChickHEN each time you power it off and on.
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    Hacking Configurable USB Loader

    Actually, that's a pretty awesome idea - an integrated channel creator and installer that just uses the game data + your config + a copy of whatever dol for CFG you're using. The only thing is it should be forceably disabled unless it can detect priiloader, for safety.
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    Gaming PSP 1001 6.20 Downgrade Help!!!

    Make sure to get one of the ones that has the button to switch between standard battery and pandora mode - the pandora only ones flake out.
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    It already exists - it's called SNEEK.
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    PS Jailbreak - The first PS3 Modchip

    This'll make it easier for someone with the know how to find holes and exploit them, but I doubt it'll lead to the installation of CFW without an exploit
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    Hacking cant get new games to work

    You know what'd be nice? Telling us what kind of Acekard you have, what software you're running on it (AceKard Team or AKAIO), what version, and what version the loader is. Also, the game title and release number would help a bit.
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    Gaming What CFW to use for PSP 1000?

    There are two options - you can roll with 5.00 M33 or else 5.01 Gen or 5.50 Gen-D3. I run 5.50 Gen-D3 with the Prometheus addon and it serves me well - and it lets you run most 6.20 Games without the Prometheus patching, which means you don't need to mess around with it to make POPSLoader work...
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    Hacking Possibility of packing a wii DVD disc to a wad.

    There are two ways we could do this, really. First off, either way we'll need to write a mload module for one of the cIOSes that'll point it to the location of the files on the NAND, and secondly we'd need to either A.) store a WBFS file (which'd require the least work) on the NAND, or else we'd...
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    Hacking Possibility of packing a wii DVD disc to a wad.

    In theory all you'd need to do is modify the read path to the NAND (I don't know if it'd have to be the USB Loader or cIOS but I suspect both). It'd be a pain in the ass to pull off but it's doable.
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    Hacking My wii is a mess, help to fix IOS bugs please

    You could try running the DarkCORP uninstaller - it should theoretically install a clean version of all Nintendo IOSes. Then you can install the latest version of the Homebrew Channel, update to 4.2 or 4.3, Trucha Patch IOS 70 or 80 (depending on the system menu you upgraded to), and install...
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    Gaming fix for games that switch system off

    The folder homebrew thing, I couldn't see making a difference, and I suspect it'd work without that, but the rest I believe is quite straight forward. By using Sony NP9660 No UMD, you're using Sony software to get the game going - something they can't really stop without breaking PSP Go support...
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    Two options. A.) load WAD Manager and install a WAD of IOS 60 that isn't stubbed B.) Load WAD Manager and install System Menu 3.2 again. Of course, if I were you, I'd just skip ahead and use X-Flak's NUSD Auto Downloader tool to download everything you need to get your console up to date.
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    Hardware DVD drive or USB External Drive

    I believe ULoader supports loading DVDs from a USB DVD Drive, but I'd still say it'd not be worth the effort, you're better off sticking with USB for all but the few problem games.
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    Homebrew USB gamepad on Wii

    It's possible to use a USB pad. Easy, no. But possible. What you'd have to do would be essentially write a driver for that gamepad and embed it into the IOS that the homebrew uses, and then use the homebrew to call on it. That or else you could try replace the Classic Controller or whatever...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    Does it run fine in English? If so, you could try creating your own translation into Russian, and see if that works. It could well be the translation file is for an older revision.
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    Hacking RVT Development Key,RVT Disc Check,RVT Menu Uninstaller....

    Vista/7 and XP dual booting, I understand, Vista/7 dual booting? Why - they're essentially the same OS. Back on to the topic at hand, I wonder if there are any interesting nuggets hidden away in these files - I hope the right people start looking, and I hope they find some interesting stuff.
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    Hacking Why can't I install BootMii?

    And also because you're adopted.
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