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    Hacking How to uninstall Haxchi ? (change button setup)

    I have haxchi installed (NOT CBHC) i left the button mapping as default (pressing A goes to homebrew launcher) I want to change that button mapping. I read that i need to uninstall haxchi and install it again. How do i do that? do i need to delete the DS game on wii U system settings? and...
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    Hacking What can be done with a Wii U that is missing the gamepad ?

    Hey guys. I want to know what can i do with a "Wii U" that has NO GAMEPAD in terms of modding. 1) I got a console with missing gamepad for pennies and i need to get it running. 2) With a linux appication i called DRC-SIM i was able to emulate the gamepad using linux. to complete the system...
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    Hacking Wii U Nand backup - Any way to make it smaller?

    there are many differences between the wii U and the switch nand backup, on the switch you are able to compress it heavily but on the wii U, after waiting for 2 hours for the nand backup i tried to use winrar in order to make all the files smaller. there was almost no change at all, the nand...
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    Hacking Wii U thermal pad / thermal Paste replacement to avoid overheat?

    After so many years i have seen videos of Nintendo Wii U overheating i want to know if someone here removed the old thermal pad on the cpu and replaced it with some good expensive thermal compound as the ones used for PC
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    Hacking Question Switch crashes with Tinfoil. ERROR CODE 2345-0028

    Switch 6.2 Tinfoil 0.2.1 ReiNX microSD 128gb Patriot (it has more than half the space still available) My switch has firmare 4.1 brand new switch. Used hekaku payload and did a firmware backup. then used Reinx and installed CFW update switch to 6.2, and install AutoRcM + homebrew apps +...
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    Hacking 003 Korea bricked Wii, can´t swap

    hey there i got a briked korea 003 wii that is 4.3U when i use the gamecube controller dpad press. I had an iso burned for many years of super smash bros brawl PAL for wii, and i know its the patched one because i inserted the dual layer disc and checked using another Wii in usb loader and the...
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