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    Hardware N2 Elite Tag with PowerTag Reader/Writer

    Hi Folks, I have a PowerTag Reader/Writer with 3 Tags but recently saw the N2 Elite Tag that can store up to 200 Amiibo in the single tag. My question is, can I use the N2 Elite Tag with the PowerTag Reader/Writer or would I require the N2 Elite Reader/Writer? I don't have an Android Phone...
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    Hacking Some cheats not working: pkmn soulsilver

    I'm playing EU version of Pokemon Soul Silver on the latest stable CycloDS firmware and latest cheat package. All the other cheats I've tested work except for the EXP Multiplier cheats. Anyone else seeing this issue? Or have an idea of what I could do?
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    Hacking Loader that can make channels...

    Would it be possible to make a USB Loader that has the option to create a channel wad for a game on the HDD and install it to the Wii menu? To bypass the need to make the channel on a PC and install using wad manager. Just curious if it could be done?
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    Hacking Zelda OOT HD Textures Rom Inject

    I'm sure many of you know about the HD Texture pack for OOT that you can use with the n64 rom and PJ64. My question is, is it at all possible to inject the HD textures into a OOT Rom or Wad? Thanks
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    Hacking Downgrading 4.0E -> 3.2E & Virginizing

    I'm planning on downgrading my Wii from 4.0E to 3.2E (Which I know how to do) My question is, what IOS's can I delete from 3.2E to bring it back to "factory state"? Correct me if I'm wrong, I can delete anything above 200, but will there be IOS's from 4.0 left that shouldnt be in 3.2? Or will...
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    Hacking Data Management -> SD Card = FREEZE!!

    For some reason, when I go to Data Management ->Save Data -> Wii -> SD Card my Wii will freeze. Loading games from the SD Card via the SD Menu works fine. I tried formating the SD Card completely but no change. If I have no Card in the slot and go to the SD Save menu it will also freeze. I tried...
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    Hacking BootMii Beta

    Posting of a BootMii Beta is over at
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    Hacking Auto-Copy All Saves to SD Card

    Is there any App that can copy ALL Saves from the Wii to an SD Card, backing up dozens of saves manually is a pain.
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    Hacking Whats next in the SoftMod world?

    With various combinations of Loaders & Launchers, SoftMii & MiiWii....what could be the next big breakthrough in SoftModding the Wii? Personally I'm hoping and praying (and willing to donate ) for a solution where you could load .iso's from a HDD via USB 2.0. No more worrying bout bad burns...
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    Hacking Restore Wii (PAL)

    If I go into the Wii System Menu and format my Wii, will that delete ALL traces of homebrew/CIOS/Backup Loaders etc etc? I want to start soft modding my Wii from Scratch Thanks
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