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  1. Bornofdreamers

    Hacking Accidental Update HELP!

    Ok so I using my switch last night with a few friends to play a multiplayer game. I dropped it into my dock which has a usb ethernet adapter plugged into it. When I dropped the switch in the dock and then realized the adapter was still plugged in but I quickly unplugged the adapter from the...
  2. Bornofdreamers

    Hacking Updated to 7.0.1, can no longer access Hekate or boot games

    My problem will be listed below but summarize, i updated to 7.0.1 using ChoidujourNX and then began having problems with running/installing and getting CFW to work properly. So I am using: Updated to 7.01 using ChoidujourNX - choose the ExFat option when updating ReiNX_2.1.1 Atomosphere from...
  3. Bornofdreamers

    Hacking Question SD Card Issues with running & installing NSP games and cfw on 6.1 switch

    Ok so I have been working at this for some time now with mixed results. I began hacking my switch around firmware version 6.1 which I began the entire process of setting up my switch following this guide ---> After all my work I ended up with my switch properly backed up and...
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