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  1. davidgilmour

    Hacking Lost my sx os licence? How do i get it back?

    Hi, i don’t have this license file anymore. Hiw can I get it back? When i try to start sx os i see this....
  2. davidgilmour

    Hacking I need help with my secondhand banned switch

    Hi all, Ok, I am trying to hack my switch for the first time. I bought a secondhand BANNED switch. The guy used it with the SX pro dongle. He wanted to sell the dongle for additional $55 , I did not do that. I only got the switch without his SX dongle and without his Nintendo SD card. So I...
  3. davidgilmour

    Anybody selling a GCW zero?

    i want to buy one, dm me if you are selling. 300 ebay refences available.
  4. davidgilmour

    Hacking M3 Simply problem: SD Micro card won't click

    Just tested my M3 simply yesterday with a 1GB Transcend normal speed card. Castlevania is working at full speed, no problems with the intro. But... The SD Micro card won't stay in the M3! I have to try 20-30 times before it clicks in. All the time it just drops out. Is there a way to fix it...
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