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    Hacking M3 GEP with new battery but can't save

    So I bought a new ML-1220 battery, soldered it, everything works fine (no "battery has run dry" msg in Pokemon Ruby) but when I save the game and turn off the DS, the save file is being created but instead of "Pokemon Ruby Version.sav" there is something like "Pok!!!monRuby Varsio.sav" and GBA...
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    Hacking M3 GEP RTC stopped working after 3 months

    So I have a M3 GEP for like 3 months now and recently I started playing Pokemon Ruby. RTC worked perfectly but today when I started the game I got "battery has run dry" message. I checked Emerald version and same msg appeared. Then I formatted my microSD using Panasonic SDFormatter, copied new...
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    Hacking Getting Beyond The Sea Pokewalker Course into my retail SoulSilver

    Now that GTS is down is there any way to inject Beyond The Sea Pokewalker Course into my retail SoulSilver? If no one invented a way so far then is it even possible to do it somehow?
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    Hacking Getting event Pokewalker Courses into my retail SoulSilver

    How to get event Pokewalker courses in my retail SoulSilver? The only method I know is using NDS Backup Tool Wifi v0.31f by Rudolph or NDS Backup Tool 3in1+ by Rudolph to copy save file from retail game, then editing the save and then copying it back to the retail game. I am asking about other...
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    Hacking EZ Flash V 3in1+ strange problem

    I have Nintendo DS Lite + AceKard 2.1 Black (AKAIO 1.9.0) + EZ Flash V 3in1+ (GBA ExpLoader v0.58b by Rudolph & GBALdr v0.1 final by Cory1492) Over a year ago everything worked fine and haven't changed anything when it comes to firmware or hardware (DS was just lying around with EZ Flash in...
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    Misc Professor Layton London Life FC

    I need your help guys. Please add my FC in London Life and post yours also. I need as much friends as possible. My FC is 2495-4526-6321 Thanks!
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    ROM Hack Switching save file on retail card

    I just wondering if something bad can happens when I'll do this: 1. Backup save file from retail Pokemon Pearl card 2. Load that save on Pearl ROM 3. Migrate Pokemon from Emerald to Pearl 4. Write new save to the retail card Can this mess up my original game? Or make any problems with loading...
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