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    Hacking cfw questions

    followed this guide till very end not relentlessly trying to install browserhax so i can have rx tools to start on boot. any other alternative than using browserhax? btw i injected fbi on sysnand aswell...
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    Hacking acekard help with certain games

    hey guys been awhile. my acekard running akaio 1.7.1 is acting up on games such as lufia, four heroes of light, etc. problem is game starts up fine and everything, but on certain points in a games when im entering or exiting a town the games just freezes and gives me a black screen. no its not...
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    Hacking golden sun1&2 on acekard2i w/ 3in1 expansion

    has anybody tried player golden sun using there ak and 3in1 expansion and carrying there finished game save of golden sun 1 for golden sun 2 to read?
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    Hacking ak2i with ez 3in1 expansion pack

    is ak2i compatible with ez 3in1 expansion? will it do anyharm to the cart if i use them together?
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    Hacking new to wii

    hey guys im new to the wii scene. i just got through softmodding my wii following the real simple guide stickied in the forums. thanks to that. anyways, i got some back ups that i would want to scrub down and transfer to my HDD. thing is i dont know what im doing when i use wiiscrubber. can...
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    Hacking GBA games or EZ3in1

    i noticed some gba games wont save. i.e. final fantasy 4 advance, pokemon emerald and some others while some do like mario & luigi SS, Zelda legend of 4 swords, zelda minsh cap. are the roms the problem or is my ez3in1 dying out?
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    Hacking gba saves disappearing with ak2.1

    this has happend to me more than 3 times. i dont know what im doing wrong but out of nowhere, for some unexplainable reason, my gba games saves keep disappearing and ticking the hell out of me. is there a way i can recover my saves? when i play the game there is no game save detected but when i...
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    Hacking Cheat file for akaio 1.5

    where can i get an updated compilation of all the games up to date cheats for akiao 1.5?
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    Hacking suikoden tiekris undub

    anybody got this game running on acekard?i cant seem to make it
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    Hacking ak2.1 help

    the soft reset is no longer working on my use to work by me pressing the button combo (l+r+a+b+down) but this time when i do that it just shows me white
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    all hail the mighty PANTSU! enter the pantsu HERE and heed thy mighty words!
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    Hacking ak2i

    isnt there a new build on the ak2i?the one with the little orange sticker on it? anyways what site offers the new batch of ak2i's?
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    Hacking golden sun on ak2.1

    i have a problem saving golden sun with acekard2.1..dunno if anybody else had this but in game it seems to save but when i resume the save is gone starts all over again.. hasnt been like this with any of my gba back ups.
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    Hacking mario and luigi superstar saga GBA help

    i cant save in the game, triend patch mode and fast load. any alternatives? on m3 real ds btw,.
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    Hacking just got my ak2.1 (again)

    hey guys, remeber how i order a ak2.1 previously and it was de3fective.. well, i got the replacement now and it works! woohoo! anyways, iwas wondering if you guys can help me out with a few things. 1. i use to be a m3 real ds user, well my saves are still there but when i switched to ak2.1...
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    Hacking just got acekard 2 v2.1

    just got my acekard2 v2.1 loaded up the akaio 1.4.1 proper firmware on it launched it and it just stays on the loading screen for the longest time..nothing is on my microsd just the __aio folder and the akmenu4.nds file. whats up with that?the acekard is the spring version..yes i read the wiki...
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    Hacking how to read ebooks on m3 ds real

    is there an application that allows the ds to read ebooks in pdf format? im running isakureal 1.34 english if that helps.
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    Hacking buying acekard from dealextreme

    ok guys im ordering an acekard from dealextreme. but before that, i need some of your guy's opinions on which to get.. so tell me which is better. this or this thanks.
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    is there a stable working snes emulator for the ds?
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    Hacking planning on getting and acekard

    ok so im planning to get an acekard..i know there are 2 so i need some opinions first before getting one.. first things first, 1. where is a reliable site that i can order one online? 2. which one is better the acekard 2 v2.1 or the acekard 2i? if i get the acekard 2i: 3. does the acekard...
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