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    Homebrew Dsi Ware Downgrade

    After doing the dsiware nfirm downgrade succesfully on my n3ds 11.1, do i format system? i heard you can brick when downgrading to 9.2 if you dont format, etc. what do i do to not mess this up? i already downgraded my nfirm and want to downgrade to 9.2 without bricking. thanks.
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    Homebrew Transfer from o3ds to n3ds

    Is it possible to only transfer TLOZ 4 swords from my o3ds to n3ds? just that game, nothing else. i want to do the dsiware downgrade.
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    Homebrew Options for New 3ds 11.1

    What can i do to hack and downgrade my new 3ds on 11.1? browser has been unopened and have a legit copy of TLOZ 4 swords on my hacked o3ds. what can i do?
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    Hacking Updating to 3.60

    Hello. I am on version 3.52 with TN-V 11 installed and i want to know if i should stay on 3.52 or to update to 3.60 and get henkaku. Should I? What is better? Thanks for your replies.
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    Homebrew System Transfer

    I have an o3ds with arm9loaderhax installed and up and running. I have cubic ninja CIA and oot3d CIA installed already. But I have a friend that has o3ds 10.6 and he wants to downgrade, but he needs either OOT or Cubic ninja. So since he is on the latest version, can I transfer my OOT CIA or...
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    Homebrew How do you delete 3D Land!!

    I want to delete SM3DLand but I can't..!!!! I'm so pissed. Data management... Not there. I tried everywhere, even sysnand, just everything. I can't delete the game! The game is on emunand. How the heck can I uninstall it? Thanks for your replies
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    Homebrew GBA Start Animation in GBA CIA

    Does anyone know how to have the GBA start animation in the GBA CIA? I've seen multiple new 3ds have that animation at the start but does it work for o3ds too? How can I get it? Is it a patched agb with that animation?
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    Homebrew How Do You Save in GBA VC?

    I got pokemon fire red installed as a cia and runs fine but when i tried to save in-game(the only way) it says i cant save and that I will have to overwrite the past savedata which i dont know about. Then i say overwrite anyways and it gives me error? What can i do? Thanks for your replies!
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    Homebrew GBA 3ds Super Mario advance

    Does anyone know the solution in how to fix super Mario advance game it loads perfectly and fine but it has an error in game. How can I fix it? Also can someone be kindly enough to get me a Mario kart sipercircuit banner 1,2, and icon I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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    Homebrew GBA VC Banners

    With all your gbatempers help, I managed to get GBA Agb on it successfully. THANKS!! But how can I get game banners or how can I make them? I can't seem to find how to get them. Can you guys lend a hand one last time? Thanks
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    Homebrew Rx Tools DS profile

    I want to safe upgrade to 9.2 to get themehax. I am on 4.5 and installed rxtools, emunand, RX on DS profile, basically the cfw. If I upgrade to 9.2, will I still be able to access RX tools with DS profile since I previously installed it on the vulnerable 4.5 or will I loose access to it?? BTW I...
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    Homebrew Good GBA Emulator.CIA for Emunand CFW

    I was trying to get GBA vc CIA but I had so much trouble with it and could not get it to work. I was wondering if there is a good and fast GBA emulator. CIA to install on emunand.
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    Homebrew Uninstall GBA AgB patch

    How can I uninstall the GBA agb patch to run GBA games? The 000...CIA. Thanks? Complete uninstall, I don't want to know anything about GBA agb blah blah.
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    Homebrew Cubic Ninja on Sysnand

    I have sysnand 4.5 and Emunand 10.3. I have FBI and bigbluemenu working on emunand. I want to know how to install cubic ninja.CIA to my sysnand using FBI or bigblue which are in my emunand. So basically, using FBI in the emunand, how can I install CN.CIA to the sysnand??
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    Homebrew Rx Tools GBA Cia

    I have RX tools and emunand. Is it possible to install GBA cias like in pasta cfw on rxtools. If possible, what RX tools version, and files required. There is a file in the root of the SD where are the rxtools files are called rxtoolsgbads.dat . does that file have anything to do with this. I've...
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    Homebrew Browserhax 9.2 Fix!! O3DS

    For you people who have downgraded to 9.2, and don't have any entry point thinking browserhax doesn't work, your in luck. Make sure to remove anything themehax related on the SD and any payloads from your previous version. Place the new boot.3dsx on SD root and 3ds folder in root. Place SD in...
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    Homebrew Where can I find downgrade files?

    I can't seem to find the downgrade CIA no where. I'm old 3ds 10.3u. Can someone PM me? Please and thanks
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    Homebrew Downgrade 3ds 10.3

    After I downgrade to 9.2, will I be able to access browserhax and install menuhax or will my current hax stay after the downgrade? Thanks for your replies
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    Homebrew What to Do??

    Their is so much going on it is too much for my brain. I'm not a noob. Will downgrading to 9.2 remove my hax entry points? I'm on o3ds 10.3u. Once I downgrade to 9.2, will I be able to access my menuhax and ironhax installed now or will I loose them? What would I do after downgrading. Will...
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    Homebrew Blargsnes version

    What is the difference between 1.3 and 1.3b? Which one runs better? Better compatibility or faster when running with a certain entry point?(menuhax,ironhax)? Thanks!
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