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  1. Pokeformers10

    Hacking R4i GOLD 3DS RTS Plus

    Hi, I have just bought an R4i GOLD 3DS RTS Plus, but when I put the kernel on the SD card and try to boot it, the screen goes white, then black. I can press home to exit, but that's all. The same issue happened with me earlier with another R4 card, so I am thinking it's the SD card itself. I...
  2. Pokeformers10

    ROM Hack Pokemon Black 2/White 2 R4 compatible ROM?

    I need help finding a good Pokemon Black 2 and/or White 2 ROM that works for R4 cards and doesn't freeze. So far, the AP Patched ROM only fixes some of the freezing issues, but not all of it. It still freezes at the title screen (the one with the model of Kyurem black/white) and especially...
  3. Pokeformers10

    Hacking R4i Gold 3DS RTS won't read SD card

    Some time ago, I bought an R4i Gold 3DS RTS. I used it for NTRBoothax and then flash restored the card to its original settings. I was able to play DS games after that for a while, then it suddenly just stopped working without me fiddling with it at all. Once I started it up, the card would show...
  4. Pokeformers10

    Hacking Kernel for R4i gold

    I've had this old R4 card just sitting in my closet for a long time and thought I could use it. It seems the card is very old and the website on the cover of the box and on the card itself has been taken down. If someone has a copy of this kernel or know which websites still support this model...
  5. Pokeformers10

    Hacking R4i 3DS RTS Goes Black After White Screen Loads

    I have an R4i Gold 3DS RTS and every time I turn it on it goes to the white screen then into a black screen, then nothing. I tried reinstalling the kernel, formatting the SD card with several programs and even tried the card on a DS and another 3DS. Can someone tell me what is going on here? The...
  6. Pokeformers10

    Hardware Need help connecting controller to 3DS

    Hi I need to know if it's possible to connect a Logitech Dual Action controller to an old 3DS using CFW. If it is, can someone guide me on how? I have checked many tutorials, and many of their example controllers are pretty easy to set up because their controller is usually "Plug and Play"...
  7. Pokeformers10

    Gaming Need Smash Bros 3DS Ichigo skin over Cloud

    Hi, recently, I have found that Ichigo Kurozaki from Bleach perfectly fits Cloud in Smash. I looked for a 3DS skin mod for Ichigo over cloud, but only found the wii u version. If there's an Ichigo skin for Cloud, can someone please give me the mod file for it? Thanks :)
  8. Pokeformers10

    Gaming HELP Cannot go online on SSB 3DS

    Please someone help! I cannot play online on Super Smash Bros 3DS. It asks me to agree to the User Agreement, which I do, but it still says I have to agree to the User Agreement to play online. old 3DS ver 11.6 EUR version
  9. Pokeformers10

    Homebrew Please Help! Virtual Console save files deleted

    I created VC games for my CFW 3DS, but the save files deletes itself every time I reload/re open the games. This first happened on Pokemon Light Platinum. Since it's a ROM hack, I thought the error was an exception. But, when I tried an official game like One Piece GBA, the same thing happened...
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