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  1. iQue

    Gaming Giveaway - x1 Digital Download Code for Darksiders II (PAL)

    I have a spare Darksiders II - eShop code from the recent Humble bundle sale, if anyone wants it? I'm almost certain it's only for PAL region consoles?? ...UK, Europe, Australia etc. I already own the game from when it went on sale a few months back, so I have no use for this. Random winner...
  2. iQue

    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] How to Setup OoT3DHax Using Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS and BrowserHax <10.3

    I originally could not find anything on how to setup OoT3DHax. My web search skills maybe crap, or I'm just looking in the wrong places?? ....anyways ...I hope this will be useful to someone. 1. Download the HBL Starter pack. - 2. Extract the
  3. iQue

    Gaming Some FREE STEAM Games Codes!

    These's are from the Capcom Humble bundle, I only bought it for Strider, RE stuff and USF. I have no use for these games... Windows - Bionic Commando: Rearmed - Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 1: Penal Colony...
  4. iQue

    Gaming Club Nintendo Hanafuda 3DS Theme x1 - Giveaway

    This is for PAL 3DS Consoles, so UK / Europe only...unless you live elsewhere and have a PAL 3DS console?? I have a extra code for the Hanafuda 3DS theme, so if any long term GBAtemp member wants it, or for anyone that has a special use for it ;) ...just let me know below, and I will select...
  5. iQue

    Gaming Disney Infinity 2.0 Crashes and Freezes at the Autosave Message Screen after Game Update??

    After the forced game update data (which we all love) from Nintendo, I can not get Disney Infinity 2.0 to load just crashes and make a wired beep sound ...and then freezes the console??? This happens at the same point, when the Autosave Message Screen appears ...where you press A to...
  6. iQue

    Gaming Free Download Code for Super Mario Kart (US Wii U VC) for a GBAtemp Member!

    ** US Only ** So I reached my Gold Elite Status on Club Nintendo! sure how?? ....but unfortunately I no longer have a US Wii U or 3DS as a gift to someone (you can choose) they can have a download code for Super Mario Kart (Wii U Virtual Console). There's only one code if...
  7. iQue

    Hacking Remove parental control from Wii U System?

    I picked up a used Wii U (PAL) console, but it has parental controls enabled. Apart from contacting Nintendo for the master key (if they will give it to me?? as the console is used??) there any software or websites that can do this? Like with the Wii and 3DS parental controls.
  8. iQue

    Gaming Online Retailers that sell NTSC (US) Wii U Games, that are in the EU?

    Anyone know of any good retailers in the UK or Europe, that sell Wii U NTSC US games? ...and also will ship to the UK? I can buy them from a non EU countries (but I'm limited to £15) ….if I go over there's Import tax and other fees to add on …so it’s just not worth it. Thanks ;)
  9. iQue

    Hacking Can You Display Disc Game Images on a CFW Game Menu, Like with PSN DL Games??

    Just a quick question ...which hopefully someone can help with, or at least point me in the right direction? ;) Can you show disc based game images on a CFW game menu (like with the PSN DL games) ..rather than having to go into a manager (like multiMAN)? PS3 CFW - Rebug 4.46.1 Lite...
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