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  1. iQue

    Nintendo Switch gets a price drop in Europe

    The US already has everything cool ...tell you what i'll trade you my British citizenship for your American citizenship, that way you can get this cool deal? better yet forget the £20 off deal, I will give you a Switch console if you do? :yayswitch:
  2. iQue

    Nintendo Switch sales surpass 89 million, has outsold both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3

    Not surprised it's an "in-thing" at the moment ...your not cool if you don't own a switch! :switch: Nope, your crazy way it has that graphics capability! ...PS3 and 360 are way superior! :P
  3. iQue

    Sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. sells for $2 mil, breaks last month's record of most expensive game

    People are actually now going to think their copy to SMB is going to worth loads, typical "Collectors" marketing. Having some second rate company give it a stupid rating makes it worth $$$$$$ ...well okay ....oh and they put it on a stupid plastic box ...who the heck cares what's inside right...
  4. iQue

    Tencent has acquired Sumo Group, developers behind Sonic All-Stars Racing, Sackboy, and more

    I think you misspelt that, you meant to say... - The current German health minister is a wanker... ;)
  5. iQue

    Hardware Nintendo switch pro, confirmed again?

    Almost! ...they need to have have at least 2.3M subs! :ha: Nintendo should sue this D*** head!!! ...just for that thumbnail alone....
  6. iQue

    Pokemon Sword and Shield strategy guide leakers will have to pay $150,000 in damages

    Nintendo lawsuits are just stupid ...what about the upside? how many copies were sold from them by uploading the images?? Zero in Nintendo eyes!!!
  7. iQue

    A new 2D Metroid game is in development, titled Metroid Dread

    It's a stupid name ...I thought it was a fan made crossover of Metroid and Judge Dread??
  8. iQue

    Arcade1Up announces three new arcade cabinets ahead of E3

    I get the other two but what's so different about the Turtles in Time cab ...well compare to the one that they already released? ...the art work?
  9. iQue

    Hacking Can I delete Mii channel in vWii and install wii one?

    Can't you just use Mii Extractor and Mii Installer by Waninkoko ...if you just want to move/copy your Mii's?
  10. iQue

    Gaming Switch better or worse than Wii U/3DS?

    The Switch is worse ....just a glorified, overhyped mobile gaming device, that I regret buying for the second time. Games on the Switch are mostly ports of Wii U games or what should be mobile phone only games if you can call them games (e.g. Bubsy) or just ports of mobile games done really...
  11. iQue

    Nintendo appears to have mistakenly used a fan-made render of Mario on the Super Nintendo World site

    Mario is the IP of Nintendo should not copy copyright material in the first place. No, it's really not ...people are just arses and like to brag for attention! ;)
  12. iQue

    Bloomberg interview reveals Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo once, and got laughed out of the meeting

    Nintendo are in a different market now ...they do what they do best, and have done since the Game Boy ...Nintendo are not in competition with Sony or Microsoft as they produce home consoles ...Nintendo has not since the Wii U and has not produce a powerful home console since the GameCube.
  13. iQue

    Nintendo wins in UK High Court case demanding that certain Switch piracy related sites be blocked

    First the porn sites and now this! Why don’t they just block the whole internet!!! Like in North Korea :) There’s a lot of worse sites so why not block them also...but hey this in Nintendo and the UK courts!!!!
  14. iQue

    ROM Hack Bowsette of the Wild

    Must be really hard up for news?
  15. iQue

    Cloud gaming: are you interested?

    Providing people don't buy in to it will be gone faster than VR! No internet means no games!!!
  16. iQue

    Help I got ripped off by this website!!!

    It's in Nintendo terms and conditions that you cannot buy or share other users accounts. Did it state that it was an account or a key? ...if it was a key contact the site. However ...did you pay by credit or debit card...or some other method? If you paid by Credit or Debit card you can do a...
  17. iQue

    Hacking Discussion Team Xecuter Attempted to Bribe RetroNX Developers

    Yes you can depends on how you want to tell the story! Big deal, they asked someone to create content exclusive for the SX OS least they offered to pay for it! Get over yourself...
  18. iQue

    Telltale Games, developer of the Walking Dead game, reportedly shutting down

    They had a crap team who thought they were far to high and mighty to take customer complaints serious! So how many purchased Back to the Future on iOS and could not download Ep 2-5??- this is why the have lack of sales!!! ...I'm glad there going!
  19. iQue

    Nintendo gives more details about its online service, cloud saves get deleted if you cancel your sub

    What happens when Nintendo close down the server? about 4-5 years time!
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