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  1. FireSeel

    Things you recently bought or got

    A new mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX brown switches. It feels so nice to type on. I got the qpad mk-80.
  2. FireSeel

    list every game you have beaten so far in 2014

    Tearaway. Only because its short. I just get bored with some games, or I forget to save (persona 3) and I cant be bothered to get back to where I was.
  3. FireSeel

    Hardware How do I get my games and save files off my ez flash 4?

    I found most of the original roms, and I have renamed my saves to fit them.Pokemon now works, and my other games seem to now too. Thanks.
  4. FireSeel

    Hardware How do I get my games and save files off my ez flash 4?

    sorry, your edit wasn't there when i posted my response.
  5. FireSeel

    Hardware How do I get my games and save files off my ez flash 4?

    I want to get my save files and games from my ez flash 4. When I copy them over directly, they dont work with emulators. Is there any way that I can get them to work?
  6. FireSeel

    Rate the song from the poster before you

    3/5 It was ok, the 1st 30 seconds were ok, but I didn't really like the rest of it.
  7. FireSeel

    Please check out my first android game! :D

    Nice game! Can I suggest making the dpad on the left option an actual dpad, not just changing the texture. Other than that, its good.
  8. FireSeel

    Gaming Owning a flash card = Not appreciating any games

    I have done this with gba games, after I got a flash cart, but after I recently got a psp go, I downloaded a lot of games and put them onto it, but I have actually played them properly.
  9. FireSeel

    Where can I buy a GCW Zero?

    Its 41 dollars to ship to here, so I might as well wait for to get some more.
  10. FireSeel

    Where can I buy a GCW Zero?

    I want to buy a gcw zero, but as I am in the uk, I can only find them on dragon, but they are really overpriced and they are out of stock. Is there anywhere else I can buy one that will ship to the UK?
  11. FireSeel

    Looking for a Gameboy flashcart

    I have one of these flashcarts, and when you only flash one rom to the first memory bank, it loads the game as an actual cart would do (no loader/menu), so i would guess it would work.
  12. FireSeel

    Tempmas Week 4: The party ain't over!

    My goal is to actually complete persona 3.
  13. FireSeel

    Hacking EZ Flash IV, GBA Games Won't Save/Load

    Iy is probably the micro to mini sd adapter. Try to find a mini sd. I also had this same problem, but getting a mini sd fixed it.
  14. FireSeel

    OpenPandora Retailers?

    Wait for the gcw zero.
  15. FireSeel

    Hacking 3DS Flashcarts - News, Updates, and Support Thread

    I would think it would be fairly obvious if you were using it.
  16. FireSeel

    Gaming [EU Only!] SUPER MARIO 3D LAND Welcome Promotion

    I will be getting one of these codes, does anyone want to trade a code for something else since, I alrady have this game?
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