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    DS #4707: Utacchi (Japan)

    So I used the patch and it's still freezing after 10 minutes. Am I doing something wrong? I have an m3 perfect if that makes any difference.
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    ROM Hack Chrono Trigger DS (USA) Piracy Fix!

    It works, thanks! I had another issue though, I closed it to put it to sleep and I think the music was still continuing, I don't remember but when I opened it back up it was frozen. Is this normal? Also, if I wanted to use NDS cheats for another game, would I have to use DipStar or another...
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    ROM Hack Chrono Trigger DS (USA) Piracy Fix!

    So I made a txt cheat file because that's what the m3 perfect uses(?) and it was just a black screen. I probably did it wrong. Can someone help me?
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    ROM Hack Chrono Trigger DS (USA) Piracy Fix!

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. @[email protected]
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    ROM Hack Chrono Trigger DS (USA) Piracy Fix!

    Hey guys, I tried to figure the patch out but with all the posts I just ended up totally confused. I've tried the cracker patch but it still bugs up at the time warp. I have a m3 perfect SD and the m3wiki instructions didn't work because the icon was all futzed up and when ran it was black...
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    ROM Hack Trauma Center 2 DS

    It flashes a little white bar at the top, maybe suggesting like it was going to load but then it's just basically a black screen at start up, so I was wondering if you guys knew the solution to fix this. I updated the game manager and the firmware on the card (v36) but it still doesn't work. Help?
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