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    Homebrew WAIO - WoodAllInOne

    For some reason, the sdhc.nds doesn't load my stuff even after the saves are no longer fragmented, so I've got back to using the dldi.nds which loads and saves fine. My question is, as long as I keep the /_rpg folder up to date, would it be possible to just continue using the woodr4dldi.nds as...
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    DS #5170: Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs (USA)

    Anyone else having problems getting this game to save on Wood R4? EDIT: Nevermind, finally got it. I thought I'd cycled through every savetype but apparently missed one, lulz
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    Hacking My error with TTmenu

    Same problem with an R4III Upgrade, been using YSMenu for a few months by just updating the infolib.dat, savelib.dat and extinfo.dat when new ones rolled around. . . 6.30 loads One Piece: Gigant Battle just fine for me, something the revision I had before didn't do, so I'm totally getting SOME...
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    Hacking Project : Code infolib.dat, extinfo.dat for DSTT.

    Been trying to get this to work ever since 6.29 went up last night, still having zero luck. YSMenu boots even the clean dumps to an error code 5. Went so far as to backup my microSD and reformat, redowning the dumps, triple checking the CRCs vs what's listed in the 6.30 update, still nothing...
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