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  1. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Can´t use Bios File With Retroarch

    I ´ve been trying to use a BIOS file (SCPH7502) with retroarch PSX emulator, but just can´t make it work in my new 3ds. As it should be, i'm storing it at SD/Retroarch/Cores/system (checked in settings that it´s the directory too) i don't know what else i should do, help me please 8(
  2. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Discussion (WIP) Dolphin Emulator for the Switch by Jhiral

    Almost shit my pants to see that both baten kaitos runs, can´t wait to see how to do it
  3. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    IDK if i'm missing something or retroarch still doesn't work at all, but every time i play any of the cores it crashes whenever i use the menu, press the console home menu or just put my console to sleep. Also, it doesn't save the games and i loose all that i played, i can't even play PSX...
  4. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Retroarch Emulation Thread (Nightly Builds Included)

    Sorry but never expect to have better FPS with an old 3ds. On the other hard, how is the psx emulator working now? last time i tried using it, it was runing Resident evil 3 with 45 fps. Playable, but anoying after 30 minutes playing.
  5. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew N3DS XL SNES Emulator

    Pocketsnes runs games like SMRPG and yoshi´s island at 60FPS, try that if you wanna play those games.
  6. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Any PS1 emulator for my system?

    Like Joom said, just retroarch's CIAs, but donn´t spect great FPS, you´ll be able to play but not as smooth as we would like to
  7. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Nitro's Custom Theme Request Shop

    I know you said you are not taking any request, but please, add me to the waiting list please xD. I´ve been searching for Baten Kaitos themes for a long time, but never found them, so you are my only hope. I would like 2, if not posible, just make the first one please. First Background Music...
  8. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew - Your new destination for custom 3DS themes

    Am i the only one that thinks the new feature is horrible AF? everytime you click anything there sounds like a fart, hilarous.
  9. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew is down

    it´s down again
  10. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Retroarch Emulation Thread (Nightly Builds Included)

    You should use pocket snes, that´s the best if u wanna play SM RPG, yoshi's island, kirby super star, etc.
  11. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Retroarch Emulation Thread (Nightly Builds Included)

    This makes it worst </3. And btw, RE´s are the games i a wanna play on my n3ds too.
  12. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Retroarch Emulation Thread (Nightly Builds Included)

    I share your sadness, i really had high hopes on this. Please don´t give up.
  13. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Best SNES emulator for new 3DS?

    Agreed. This is my best option too, i was looking for years for a way to play mario RPG and i couldn´t... 'till i knew this. It doesn´t have any FPS drop, just try it.
  14. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Which SNES or GBA emulators run flawlessly or almost flawlessly?

    I finished mario RPG some months ago with pocketsnes, didn't have any problem (maybe your rom had). When playing GBA try Gpsp libretro, I played metroid zero mission and DKC2 and both run smoothly.
  15. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Retroarch Emulation Thread (Nightly Builds Included)

    Can you tell me wich retroarch version you use?, im allways updating it but never ran RE3 that fast.
  16. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew SNES Emulator

    Retroarch>>>>> Blargsnes. And do what shadowfied said, use CatSFC, and try pocketsnes for games like yoshi´s island.
  17. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Is there a snes emulator that actually runs fine?

    May i have a link to download a 3ds pocketsnes version?, i took a look but i just found some PC ones. EDIT: NVM, i just saw that it´s core is with all the retroarch ones.
  18. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew Is there a snes emulator that actually runs fine?

    Is that true? i always check here to see the new apps, but it's not there (guess it's no longer updated). I´ve been waiting for some emulator that could run mario rpg with playable fps, so i must check this xD.
  19. KalasGiacomo

    Homebrew N64 emulation/Research

    If this is true, it´s a must-to-have. Im really glad to see this is getting real.
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