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  1. blainy

    LulzSec hacker gets one year in prison for Sony security breach

    brute force attack through the backdoor, perhaps?
  2. blainy

    Gaming What in the... (PS3 Update 4.40)

    the update didnt take long at all for was done within 10 minutes..
  3. blainy

    tixati vs utorrent

    public or private tracker??
  4. blainy

    Scientists Get Below Absolute Zero

    but if it is absolute, how can it be relative??
  5. blainy

    Need Some Feedback on a Website I'm Making

    do a google search....i see widgets like this every week, all over the net...i believe there is already APIs out there that already have more options for "translations" not trying to belittle your efforts at all, quite the contrary in just wondering how your site differs from the...
  6. blainy

    Need Some Feedback on a Website I'm Making

    so what does your site do that makes it stand out from the hundreds of other sites offering the same or similar services??
  7. blainy

    Gaming Assassins Creed 3 can be played in 3D so does that mean....

    isnt 3D-SBS just a standard avi/mkv/mp4 container with the left and right eyes shown on a single frame though? just use your tv's 3d function to tell it you are watching a sbs video file, and it will do the rest.. i know that on my tv, i can playback 3d-sbs files from my wii, and still get them...
  8. blainy

    Gaming Fan ported games for Wii?

    why has noone suggested a SNES emulator yet?? some of the best rpgs ever on that console....
  9. blainy

    Decade long XBOX Live Users receving Limited Edition 360

    meh, I'm not keen on how it looks....what would have been REALLY nifty would have been if the look of it was based on the OG Xbox, with a custom case and all..
  10. blainy

    PS3 ODDE news

    So their claim that this works without custom firmware is a load of bollocks?? fair enough, it may be functional on OFW versions *after* the drive key is dumped, but doesn't this still mean that CFW is required to make this device functional on any real level? Have they mentioned anywhere about...
  11. blainy

    Android Galaxy S II issue?

    this should ALWAYS be done both before and after upgrading your rom, even if it is based on the same android release (4.0.1 -> 4.0.4, etc...), and especially if it is between different versions of android (ICS -> JB, for example)
  12. blainy

    Android how to disable ads on apps

    as if you wouldn't!
  13. blainy

    Hacking USB detection gone after clean-up/update

    you dont have to pay for it...just saying ;)
  14. blainy

    Android trying to get my asus transformer to use my computers net

    yeah, that and a copy of connectify (, and you are good to go..
  15. blainy

    Gaming Can you recommend me some sword fighting games?

    there is a game titled "Swords"...
  16. blainy

    Google Brings Out Google Drive. 5GB free storage.

    my bad, i misread your post, thought you were talking monthly prices, as you mentioned the 2.99/month for 25gig, and then went on to yearly price for 100gig.....
  17. blainy

    Google Brings Out Google Drive. 5GB free storage.

    wehre the heck did you get the $59.98 from for 100gig on gDrive? the website clearly says $4.99... and the rest of their pricing? here ya go: 200 GB $9.99 / Month 400 GB $19.99 / Month 1 TB $49.99 / Month 2 TB $99.99 / Month 4 TB $199.99 / Month 8 TB $399.99 / Month 16 TB $799.99 / Month
  18. blainy

    Google Brings Out Google Drive. 5GB free storage. 25gig a month is $2.49, and 100gig a month is 4.99.......
  19. blainy

    Gaming Majora's Mask (NTSC, VC) on PAL Wii?

    just set your wii video output to pal60 mode and play the pal version?
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