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  1. Roboman

    Homebrew [WIP] 3DeSmume (DS emulator for 3DS)

    Is anybody still working on this? If not, maybe the thread should be renamed with a [discontinued] tag.
  2. Roboman

    Homebrew The newest update could be bad news for some

    And if you don't update it never sends any tickets, and soon the cdn won't send any data without valid tickets.
  3. Roboman

    Homebrew nds-bootstrap loader: Run commercial NDS backups from an SD Card

    Could you manually patch a donor rom into a ds game to get save support back for now?
  4. Roboman

    Tutorial [AIO] PS4 Exploit Guide

    I'm havin trouble getting linux to boot. It worked fine a couple days ago and now the ps4 turns off after I start linux.
  5. Roboman

    Homebrew nds-bootstrap loader: Run commercial NDS backups from an SD Card

    They haven't been made yet. So you are out of luck for now. It seems most games don't need them.
  6. Roboman

    Hardware Could you write to a DS/3DS cartridge from a 3ds?

    While you can't change the game on a cart, you can use it's save flash as a small flash drive of sorts. Just use fbi to browse the save data on the cart and put any file you want on it. Then when you want to retrieve the file you use fbi again. I've used this method to transfer a file between...
  7. Roboman

    Homebrew GBARunner2

    Could somebody explain to me why saving is so difficult again? From what I remember reading generating the save file in ram is easy, but storing the save file in the filesystem is the hard part. But isn't there functionality for that built into the ds homebrew libraries?
  8. Roboman

    Homebrew Homebrew DS Lite Info

    If you are looking for a good value I would recommend a DSTT. It supports every ds game I have thrown at it (I've never tried Pokémon black/white 2, but even if they don't work there are Anti piracy patches), and it is likely* to support NTR...
  9. Roboman

    Hacking PSA: Stop Worrying About MCU Bricks

    3ds system firmware version 8.1 The official ninty one
  10. Roboman

    Homebrew Region locking

    This one...? Just the good old home brew launcher. I never suggested any specific entrypoint. It feels like you guys are attacking me for suggesting anything other than 'get B9S cfw'. I just want people to remember its not the only option.
  11. Roboman

    Homebrew Region locking

    I'm pretty confused. You brought up EMUNAND and started going on like we were talking about menuhax coldboot. You do bring up a good point in that Nintendo has patched all the public primary exploits. But the home brew method I brought up involves launching the home brew launcher then boot the...
  12. Roboman

    Homebrew Best NES emulator for N3DS?

    The Gpsp core in retroarch is really fast because it uses does crash occasionally and have a few emulation errors though.
  13. Roboman

    Homebrew Region locking

    It was the specific wording you used. You will "need to" install cfw. It fairly strongly implies it is the only option or a required action. That being said purely user land home brew has become quite deprecated lately; however it is still a strong option for the extremely basic use case of...
  14. Roboman

    Homebrew Region locking

    Wrong. Very wrong. You can run out of region games with the home brew launcher. You can use cfw to run out of region games as well but saying it is the only way is just wrong.
  15. Roboman

    Homebrew Extracting Virtual Console roms?

    I don't remember anymore :x. I don't have my 3ds with me to test, but I know with one of those two tools you can directly browse the romFS, and I have vivid memories of browsing the extdata with FBI.
  16. Roboman

    Homebrew Extracting Virtual Console roms?

    FBI can browse the romFS of installed cias. You can locate the rom and copy it that way.
  17. Roboman

    Homebrew nds-bootstrap loader: Run commercial NDS backups from an SD Card

    Well I don't know about these games in particular but I know super Mario 64 ds is broken by sleep mode when you have the clock speed set to dsi. Have you tried these games in standard clock speed?
  18. Roboman

    Homebrew R4 Stage2 TWL Flashcart Launcher(and perhaps other cards soon™)....

    Dstt cannot boot under any OFW on 3ds or dsi. The one way to boot a dstt under OFW is to use haxstation ( You can broadcast haxstation using a home brewed wii or a (3)ds(i) that can load nds home brew.
  19. Roboman

    Homebrew How do you make an emulator on the 3DS?

    He never once said he didn't want to learn. What he said was he wasn't asking somebody else to do it for him:
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