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    Gaming Could the Wii U be the first Nintendo console to not have a Zelda exclusive?

    lol no, that game was designed for the gamecube but it was release so far into the console life that they decided to make a mirroed version for the new console. it not like it was hard for them to do that because the architecture of both consoles are very much alike
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    Nintendo selling cut content from Fantasy Life as DLC

    so nintendo is importing an improved version of a game and day 1 dlc that was also dlc in the japanese version? those greedy bastards!
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    Sony's 2014 Pre-TGS Conference - ENDED

    even sony is not confident enough in the vita being a portable handheld that they just went with the vita-tv... and umbrella tied to your front door wont do any good if it just happens to be raining
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    Resident Evil 1 to be remastered

    its useless to argue with foxi anyway... imo if they were not milking the series for the sake of milking it they could just add the option to use new control mechanics without breaking the game... hd rematered games from last gen to new gen (ps2 to ps3) are just lazy as fuck ports
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    Gaming Nintendo Handheld Screen Larger than Before Or No?

    imo the slider is weaker than the clamshell we use today. the handhelds are not built as smartphones, instead they are more bulky to withstand falls and being tossed away from time to time. also speakers on the sides or the back are not a smart idea as they wont be sending the sound to the...
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    Gaming Pokemon TCG Virtual Console

    from what i understood, the ds game is not a game per see but a tutorial for the TCG game... the sequel for the gbc was released almost before the gba was released so it never got a translation, i tried to play it but it felt more like an expansion to the first game (maybe because i didnt...
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    Super Mario 64 DD Edition Discovered on Disk

    both the cartridge and the magneto optical disks offered up to the same limit - 64 MB. from wikipedia: the cartridges were faster, the DD did had 4 additional MB ram and some more polished code would make the difference, yet many games got...
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    Super Mario 64 DD Edition Discovered on Disk

    Quicker load times for a CD based release than a cartridge one? yeah not buying
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    Gaming Final Fantasy Explorers announced for 3DS

    kiddy default sold more than XIII-3 kthxbb
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    Nintendo E3 2014 Conference - Now Finished

    actually lots of fans were asking for a captain toad stand alone, even if it was some kind of dlc. that game is all about puzzles instead of platformers...
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    [SPOILER] Times Reveal Miyamoto's Project for Wii U

    everyone is entitled to their own opinions, though that doesn't makes them right
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    Nintendo E3 2014 Conference - Now Finished

    i dont see any problem in "for fun" mode
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    Gaming Final Fantasy Explorers announced for 3DS

    12 was a turn based rpg... it was hidden but it was still turn based nonetheless
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    [SPOILER] Times Reveal Miyamoto's Project for Wii U

    thats like saying kid icarus didnt need a new game, it had like, 2 games? was dormant for 21 years. yeah it doesnt need new game because its not a beloved classic franchise. perfect sense
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    Final Fantasy Type-0 English Translation Completed and Released

    the battle/stat system has not aged that much. the materia system will work on a rpg released in 2014. the console limitation were the use of the D-pad on a background picture with invisible walls
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    Final Fantasy Type-0 English Translation Completed and Released

    seriusly i cant be a coincidence they announce the game a few days after the translation is finally released, even more if they didnt had even pictures of the game translated - atleast show some kind of proof that you were working in the game for some time. i hope skyblade has some kind of...
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    Nintendo E3 2014 Conference - Now Finished

    the 80's at their best: also ms. game and watch confirmed?
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    Gaming Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming To PS4 & Xbox One - NOT Vita

    the WIIU VITA has no sales so the game aint releasing on that console. i would have laughed my ass if the game were to be released on the 3ds tough... (also i would have gotten it as i dont have the other consoles) psp translation it is :yaypsp:
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    Sony E3 2014 Conference - Now Finished

    well, the VITA will be relevant once psnow is released world wide... with libaries from ps1/2/3 you will have tons of games to choose from
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    Gaming 3DS Tales of the World: Reve Unitia - First trailer unveiled

    i also did played somegames in japanese the moment they were released... (megaman battle network 4, 5 and six i am looking at you) but its pretty much pointless for an rpg, its more for the gameplay itself, i am pretty sure i would have enjoyed more playing battle network 2 and 3 with...
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