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  1. J2damuahz


    it was SOON-ERR than expected :grog:!
  2. J2damuahz

    Hacking how long have you guys been using the Gateway card!?

    I have been using it since november 2014. A buddy of mine put me on it.
  3. J2damuahz


    nice can't wait to try it stuck in my night class. :cry:
  4. J2damuahz

    Hacking Sky3DS - Ok I'm sorry, I have a problem and cannot find the solution

    its either the roms or template is not added correctly.
  5. J2damuahz

    Hacking Sky3DS - Ok I'm sorry, I have a problem and cannot find the solution

    Did you try a different microsd card? Sorry lol just read you tried it.
  6. J2damuahz

    Hacking [Release] rxTools - Roxas75 3DS Toolkit [fw 2.0 - 9.2]

    It works on 9.7. I did it when I read someone confirmed it on a jap and euro console.
  7. J2damuahz

    Hacking New firmware 9.7 is out!

    Thank you tried it on my US console works like a charm.
  8. J2damuahz

    Hacking SKY3DS can support newest 3DS V9.7.0-25U/E/J

    Glad this and rx emunand 9.7 works :D
  9. J2damuahz

    Hacking Twilight Princess 3D ban wave

    I got my hope's up thinking people were getting banned for a demo confirming the game. Oh well lol. This is really funny and messed up at the same time.
  10. J2damuahz

    Hacking Is this a fake r4i gold 3ds card?

    I purchased this card a few weeks ago. I had no issues from the same site as well.
  11. J2damuahz

    Hacking New firmware 9.7 is out!

    No wonder tried to update xenoblade. Damn it.
  12. J2damuahz

    Hacking Bought from modchipsdirect last week

    I have had no issues with modchipsdirect. I purchased a gateway, sky3ds and r4i save dongle shipping only took about 3 to 5 days within the last few months. Also sent it my Xbox 360 for modding from them receiving it and sending it back was about a week and a half. When my credit card was...
  13. J2damuahz

    Hacking [Guide] Everything under the Sky3DS

    Thank you and great guide. It is very helpful as I was confused about private headers and some of the features of SKY3DS.
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