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    Hardware Gamestop sent me a coupon $10 select switch chargers...

    Wonder if the bricks will increase now, with unknowing people using combos of docks and chargers? Secretly planned getting v2 mariko switches out by this because of warranty replacements? (paranoid joke) Just find it funny and wanted to share in case anyone else needed a laugh...
  2. J

    Gaming found my old ds lite... now what to do?

    Use my n3ds xl now and don't see much for this lite but still want to do something with it. Emulation mostly. Have a dstt card in it, missing uSD though, need kernel but site is dead... help please... Also using 2017 r4 gold pro from 3ds and ysmenu from here. So there is no CFW for these and I...
  3. J

    Hardware Bought a non N dock and ........!!!

    EDIT!!! BRICK ISSUE!!! I am gonna update as I figure out things. I am on FW5. Problem is there in lower FW, but more so in 5. {thanks B4rtj4h for info} Bought this dock off amazon...
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