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  1. Prime_Zero

    Nintendo removes Netflix from 3DS and Wii U eShops, service to be discontinued this year

    I always wanted to use Netflix on my 3Ds, never did for one reason. I have waited ALL these years for them to update it so I can use my profile. I use a shared account with Family, and it always put me on my wife's the default one lol. Guess I am never getting that profile change update lmao.
  2. Prime_Zero

    LEGO City: Undercover has been delisted from the Wii U and 3DS eShops

    I don't think any one has said it yet, but Lego City Undercover is also on the Nintendo Switch, both in the E-shop and in in stores, I think its 19.99 in the states and 29.99 in Canada. For Either Hard Copy or Digital. I thought about getting it on the Nintendo Switch, I had no Idea it was on...
  3. Prime_Zero

    Nintendo announces limited edition Mario Red & Blue Switch

    Nice I suppose, but it would be nice if they would do more. Put some Mario characters on the dock, and on the switch. Do more than just recolor it. I feel all these limited edition switch's I could do my self by ordering shells online and swapping out. I wonder if they will do one for the...
  4. Prime_Zero

    GBAtemp Exclusive Going back to basics: leaving PC gaming for consoles

    I can never leave PC gaming to go back to only Console gaming. Now that I have said that, I have left PC gaming to go back to console gaming lol. My computer is in anther country right now and I in the other. Covid is blocking me from getting it, and mailing it is to risky my brother would half...
  5. Prime_Zero

    Hardware Aolion N-Switch extender?

    @Shadow#1 - Ya I figured it was rebranding, just was not sure if this brand was as reliable as the Fyoung one. @dragon184 - Ya it pretty much is a fancy one to work better with the original dock, I saw pictures of some one who took the Fyoung one apart and all it is is a USB C extender in a...
  6. Prime_Zero

    Gaming Switch better or worse than Wii U/3DS?

    My personal opinion is i love the 3Ds and the Nintendo Switch, I don't own a Wii U. But the Wii U seems like the worst option of the 3, unless your just basing it on preloads. 3Ds has an amazing library of games, probably not as many good ones as the Nintendo Ds had but still pretty amazing...
  7. Prime_Zero

    Hardware Aolion N-Switch extender?

    I do, here are some pictures I took of the box and the product. The box was not sealed with tape or glue, so no issues taking it out.
  8. Prime_Zero

    Hardware Aolion N-Switch extender?

    Very sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, been far far to long since I was last on this site. So I was wondering if any one knew any thing about the company Aolion,I was recently sent a USB C extender for the Nintendo Switch that is this brand. And I have no clue if it is safe to use or...
  9. Prime_Zero

    ROM Hack Chou Soujuu Mecha MG "essentials" translation

    It has been so long since I last logged in.... But after seeing something this amazing, I just had to dust off my account to thank you for your hard work! This is one of the best Ds games of all time to me, I managed to stumble through it and beat it and even attempted to try and learn how to...
  10. Prime_Zero

    Gaming Note to All Those That Preloaded Moon

    Thought so, guess i'll have to wait till the 18th then.... Thank you.
  11. Prime_Zero

    Gaming Note to All Those That Preloaded Moon

    If you have a normal fully up to date 3ds XL does this still work?
  12. Prime_Zero

    Gaming Please advice a decent game... Definitely not Mario!

    I can think of only one game with all the limits you have applied Tales of Abyss Keep in mind Nintendo has gone kiddy, its not like the psp or xbox and ps what evers. Nintendo has taken a different family friendly route so alot of there games are yes kiddy. Tales of Abyss is a port from...
  13. Prime_Zero

    Gaming Square Enix teasing new title for PS4 - Will be revealed 31/1/2015

    I can't help but wondering if this is anther of the "Mana" type games I do love the earlier ones but the newer ones were a bit of a flop... If its a remake of "Secret of Mana" Its time for me to buy a ps4. The pictures just have that feel to them in my opinion mainly the main one, it doesn't...
  14. Prime_Zero

    Hacking [RELEASE] Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire (by Caravan)

    I plan to wait till 11/21 and download the legit digital copy which seems a bit unfair as alot of people will get it 11/20 at midnight while I have to wait a full day... guess its a way to make sure they sell more hard copies? lol If any one wants to watch streams of ORAS here is a link btw...
  15. Prime_Zero

    Gaming Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire hype thread

    My guess is those are just for display, alot of stores clearly have the game by now, just wondering did you try to find some one dump enough to sell you a copy of the game at walmart though? hahaha Also ... really.. what is with all the " to much water " its getting so very very old.. just...
  16. Prime_Zero

    Gaming Pokemon X/Y and/or Alpha/Omega

    Fear not for Prime is here to help you dear friend! Transfering pokemon is alot easier now than in the past, for just 5 dollars a year you can download "Pokemon Bank" It allows you to store pokemon online from Black/White, X / Y, and Oras aka Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire. If after a year you do...
  17. Prime_Zero

    What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Continued onward on FFXIII on Steam, got a bit further but as always I stop playing it when the game crashes. Still not sure if its my graphics card or the game itself crashing. Its not that I get stuck at key point and it crashes, it just seems to randomly do it. Gonna blame the graphics card...
  18. Prime_Zero

    2 New Mega Pokemon Announced

    If its not a Mega Pikachu I Mega don't care. :P
  19. Prime_Zero

    Games that legitimately made you cry

    Only once did I see a ending that made me cry and that was for the Mass Effect 3 ending, cause it was just so horrible.. JUST KIDDING!!! But for realsies Both the endings for Lunar Silver star story, and the 1st and 2nd endings for Lunar Eternal Blue complete are the only games that ever...
  20. Prime_Zero

    Hacking Is my Acekard compatible to the newest 3ds?

    I don't like where your going there Gypsy! Edit: I really kinda don't wonna get a new flash card, more so as it seems id have to hold back from updates... Thanks for the info atleast now I know there is no hope. lol
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