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    Homebrew Can i update my nintendo 3ds?

    Hi, i havent played with my nintendo 3ds for like a year. And i dont know if i can update my nintendo switch or what are the steps to follow so i dont loose my homebrew. The firmware version that i have is 11.6.0-39U and i have luma 9.0 installed thank you
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    Hacking first time hacking ps4

    Hi, today in my recommendations vidoes on youtube i found a video of how to hack your ps4 using a DNS and installing something called ps4hen, the video seems legit, i tried to find more information of how to hack a ps4 and run backups, however a lot of the information that i found is old or...
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    Hacking Can i update my new 3ds XL?

    Hi, i was a little bussy for the last 5 months, so didnt have time to play my new 3ds. But there is an update for my console, currently im in the firmware Sys 11..0-38U i have FBI and Luma updater v2.1.2
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    Hacking is it safe to run Metroid Samus return?

    Hi, sometimes with new games and specially in popular games like pokemon i heard that they are more alert with people running not original games. So my question is if it is safe to run MSR? Thank you.
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    Hacking Can i update my 3ds??

    Hi, i hacked my 3ds almost a year ago, and i havent played since then, now that i want to play there is an update but i dont know if is safe to update so i dont loose my hacks. Im on Sys 11.2.0-35U on a new 3DS XL. The apps that i currently have are: FBI, Luma Updater, CHMM and some other apps.
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    Gaming pokemon sun/moon how to prevent a ban???

    Hi, i want to know what type of precautions should i follow so i dont get banned, also i want to know what are the things that can trigger a ban or things with higher chances or being banned. I heard that if you dont have your game synced then you have less chances of being banned, is this true...
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    Gaming pokemon sun/moon should i be worried???

    Hi, i have been waiting for the pokemon bank so i can hack some legendaries and looks less suspicious, but now i heard that they are banning a lot of people so i want to know if i could be banned for getting hacked pokemons and hacked items. Im not prettending to get pokemons with crazy stats or...
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    Homebrew problems with CHMM2

    Hi, i have a new 3ds with sys and when i try to run CHMM2 it says cannot find a DSP firmware (dspfirm.cdc). Sound system used for preview will be disabled.
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    Homebrew cant install themes (too many themes)

    Hi, i have a new 3ds with sys and i just installed the cfw luma and everything is working fine but when im trying to change a theme it says that i have too many themes and that i have to delete some themes, but i have been deleting themes but new ones are apearing.
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    Misc microsd managemen and computer with ethernet?

    Hi, i have a custom pc that i made, but it dosent have wireless so i only connect my pc via ethernet, so anyone know if you can use microsd management of the new 3ds with a computer using ethernet?
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    Homebrew disappearing/cant load games??

    Hi, everytime i acces to settings or i turn off my console, all of the cias that i have installed are gone or some of them says that i have to download them again, so i have to run the hombrew again. how can i fix this, thank you.
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    Homebrew fasthax 11.2 with luma

    Hi, im with a new 3ds with 11.2 and i managed to run fasthax, and using safehax i installed some unofficial CIAs. But my problem is that everytime i turn off my 3ds i have to run again safehax with luma again. So i want to know if there is a way to automatically run luma? thank you.
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    Homebrew FBI for 11.2?

    Hi, so probably today is going to be released the new fasthax for 11.2 but do you guys think that we can get the update for the new FBI today?
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    Hacking installing ilegal CIAS on 11.2.0-35U?

    Hi, i got a new 3ds XL today and im trying to install freeshop CIA but all of the videos that i saw on youtube are for a lower version of the firmware. So thats why im asking to the experts. :D thank you.
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    Gaming Mario maker legit cia question?

    Hi, i just got my new 3ds today so im pretty new. So hello everyone. And i have a question: i have been looking for some legit CIA's but i cant find the legit CIA for mario maker, anybody knows if is possible to find a legit CIA for mario maker? thank you :D
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    Hacking Pokkén Tournament not working??

    Hi, i the game is not even launching. the "loading ferrum.rpx" pops up but hangs. Im at 5.5.1
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    Hacking xenoblade chronicles x online??? with loadiine?

    hi, i it gives me an when i try to play online. I can play fine offline. Anyone knows what can i do. thank you.
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    Hacking mario kart 8 loadine freeze

    HI, the game is freezing, anyone knows how to fix this? thanks.
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    how i can make 3d movies

    hi, im new i hope that the thread is on the right place, how i can make a 3d movie for a 3D TV i understand that is just duplicate the image i mean no blur the image, the tv can do this. thank you
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