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    Hacking Problems with Real Time Saves

    I have a M3 Mini and everything seems to be working fine except real time saves for GBA games. I'm using the V27A loader and Firmware 28. My NDS games saves fine. When I hit the A+B+L+R I get the menu to save and load and all the other commands. But when I pick to save it boots me back to the...
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    Gaming Rom Renaming

    All my roms are not numbered with like the list on this site of releases. I know there is rom renaming programs and such is there one the will scan thru my list and rename them to what this board has them at? Would be great thanks if anyone knows.
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    Hacking How much to leave for saves?

    I just got a Transcend 80x 2GB minisd to go with the M3 Mini SD and passcard 3 I just ordered. I have the Transcend card now so started loading games on it that way when my M3 Mini SD arrives I can start playing. Only think I have not been able to find out is how full can I make the card? Do you...
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