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  1. FlareTech

    Hardware Switch SD Card Reader Not Working-No shorts?

    Hello all! I had problems with my Switch not reading my SD cards anymore, so after trying to replace the SD card reader and that not solving my issue, I sent it in to a console repair company and they said that there were no shorts on the board ANYWHERE, the FPC connector was fine, and that...
  2. FlareTech

    Hacking Inject Save into Legit Switch?

    i got banned on my Switch and was wondering if I could inject my Splatoon 2 save into my brothers legit switch? I dont wanna install CFW in his switch but want my save, I cannot transfer my user profile or anything. Thanks!
  3. FlareTech

    Homebrew Question Installing .XCI on Kosmos/Atmosphere 6.2.0?

    I have done so much downloading of things and trying to do this and researching and cannot come up with any idea on how to do this. I have dumped my prod.keys and BOOT0 and 1 and even my SYSTEM files. I was trying to use n1dus but it seems it does not work and even an all in one program that...
  4. FlareTech

    Hacking AutoRCM without JIG?

    I have broken my Pin 10 from extended use with a Jig and now cannot go into RCM mode. I was wondering if you could edit a file in the SDcard that would then enable AutoRCM without having to inject hekate to do so. I ordered a new rail for the switch but itll take some time before it gets here...
  5. FlareTech

    Homebrew Question PSP Emulation on Switch?

    I would like to know if there is an Emulator for PSP working on the Switch. I have some titles I would like to play. Any information would be great, Thanks in advance!
  6. FlareTech

    Hacking Question N2 Elite App on Switch?

    So on the 3ds I know it was possible to rewrite an N2 Elite tag with an Amiibo and its data through a homebrew app and was wondering if it was possible to do so on the Switch?
  7. FlareTech

    Hacking Question How to update a .NSP file on Atmosphere 6.2?

    Im pretty sure this post should go under this section so sorry if im wrong. Basically, I have some .NSP games and am having trouble updating them using their DLC and Update .NSP counterparts. I just use tinfoil, RIGHT? I am running Atmosphere 0.8.1 on FW 6.2. Thanks!
  8. FlareTech

    Homebrew Question Had 6.2.0 CFW, but then UPDATED! Can I reverse it?

    So I had homebrewed my Switch that was on 6.1.0 to 6.2.0 with Atmosphere and everything went fine. I was downloading some things off hb app store and everything was fine and dandy. However, I tried to play a game and it said software update available, and I thought like the previous homebrews...
  9. FlareTech

    ROM Hack Pokemon Quest Save Editor HELP

    So I have been doing research for a Pokemon Quest Save Editor and saw one called PSQE made by xSillusx, and it is pretty good for being a WIP. I also saw one called PqSave made by Thealexbarney but cant seem to get it to work... can anyone help me figure it out? The github link...
  10. FlareTech

    Homebrew Split Partitioning to play WiiU/vWii games on same drive

    I have a 1tb external hard drive and was planning on using it to store alot of the games I was downloading to play on my Wii U and on the vWii but I see now that I need 2 drives. Would it be possible to partition 500gbs in 2 partitions and make them show up on the Wii U as 2 different drives? I...
  11. FlareTech

    Hacking OoThax/boot9strap on new3Ds 11.6 HELP

    I followed a tutorial on how to install home-brew with OoThax and it works, I can get into the home-brew launcher. I just can't seem to find any help/information on how to get boot9strap working because I can't get FBI installer working since I don't have a kernel exploit. Please help! I have a...
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