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    Homebrew A9LH Guide Help

    Thank you so much for pointing me to it!! :bow::grog:
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    Homebrew A9LH Guide Help

    i, too, was done with parts 1-4 yesterday and thought to continue part 5 the next day. BAD TIMING! And i am also stuck with part 5 and section 2 about that arm11. No idea how to continue based on the updated guide. Which steps do i need to redo?
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    ROM Hack MapleStory Patch Release Thread

    how do i patch the rom? I opened xdeltaUI mod, selected the rom and patch. What exactly do i select for output file? I cant just select a folder and click ok, i have to choose a file? i tried typing some gibberish but it gives me a gibberish 0kb file after i clicked "Apply" So, any ideas?
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    Gaming Slow releases

    i dont care if shovelwares get dumped, just need to get the good ones
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    Gaming If you were trapped on a island.....

    taiko no tatsujin 7island adventure pokemon soulsilver professor layton & the diabolical box point blank DS and perhaps.. big brain academy?
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    Gaming Ivy the Kiwi DS trial.

    the kiwi looks..... strangely weird
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    Gaming Best Cooking Mama game?

    cooking mama 3 for me
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    Gaming Maplestory DS

    im gonna wait around and read some reviews on it before i decide to grind or not
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    Homebrew Upgrading to Acekard from R4

    bought mine off 0shippingzone legit
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    Homebrew Is DS Emulation scene dead?

    the 3DS is coming.. its somewhat signalling that the DS itself is dying..
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    Hacking Acekard 2i VS. Supercard DSTWO

    you're expecting too much out of a DS
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    Gaming different category!

    i like prince of tennis series is kart racing considered sports?
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    Gaming Anyone excited about Maplestory DS?

    is it a 2d platformer?
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    Gaming most hours spent on one ds game

    my soul silver has 50hours and counting...
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    Gaming Pokemon moves

    Where can i find a list of moves that have 100% accuracy(those that never miss). I know swift/aerial ace never miss. Are there anymore?
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    Hacking Slowdown on my Acekard 2i

    I had this lagging problem with another game, people suggested to reformat the card with panasonic formatter. maybe you might wanna give it a go
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    Unimpressed so far with ShopTemp. [RESOLVED]

    shipping and issuing shipping/tracking numbers is like sucha basic procedure.. i cant really say i'll forgive a newly setup online shop regarding that
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    Hacking For A New Section "YSMenu Compatible"

    i guess that's quite right. I never really figured how to update my YSmenu on R4 since i got it running using ancient links a place to talk all about it would be great for n00bs like me
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    Hacking Lag in TMNT Arcade Attack game..

    I was playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Attack on my Acekard 2i & 1GB Kingston Japan.. The game lags sometimes when im beating up those enemies. Is there anything i can do to reduce the lag? Anyone with the retail cart game? Does it play smoothly?
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    Gaming Any good Action RPGs?

    zelda phantom hourglass/ spirit tracks
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