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    ROM Hack NSMB: Is there a way to recover a corrupt custom level

    Hi guys, Im kinda new at posting. Ive been makin my own nsmb hack lately. Recently i encountered two problems that i couldnt find the answers to anywhere.. I recreated world 1 level 2 area 1 and on desmume it runs great. But when i run it on my acekard the level has a red square around it...
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    Hacking What class micro sd card is best for ak2i

    So i was tryin to play a game called Spongebob Atlantis Squarepantis. And it kept freezing on the 3rd level. also mario hoops 3 on 3 kept flickering on the touch screen. Im using ak2i. Akaio 1.8.6a I was using a Sanddisk 8gb Class 2 micro sd card. After trying Everything to debug. I decided to...
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    Hacking Spongebob Atlantis Squarepantis Ds Freezes

    Hi guys. Im new here. I wasnt sure if this was the right place for this post.. Ive been lookin all over the internet & forums for an answer with no success. Im trying to play Spongebob's Atlantis Squarepantis DS. I got an Acekard2i. Akaio 1.8.6a. Ive tried every single rom that i can find...
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