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  1. zincmann

    Gaming DSI XL Recently started to just shut off after several minutes

    So I have an adult owned from new Nintendo DSI Xl which really had little use over the years. I understand this was back from 2008 but was always in a metal case and then stored in a zip up carrier in my home gameroom office upstairs. So part of that little use required me to charge it as it...
  2. zincmann

    Hacking EZ Flash Omega for GBA not showing all games in folder

    So I have read all the similar threads to this topic and still do not see a clear solution like others I have had my share of issues with EZ Flash Omega for GBA. I use a SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro SD Card. Formatted it a hundred times with windows and was getting the SD Card error issue with...
  3. zincmann

    Hacking Oh BOY! I think i borked my PS Vita...Henkaku still installed but..

    I did the whole processes of hacking my vita installed Henkaku downgraded to 3.60 with Enso but I wanted to allow for SD2Vita and was not working so i did watch the youtube video where you modify the config.txt line to add the system pointing to the new SD card and now I cannot see either my...
  4. zincmann

    Hacking Having issues downloading 3.60 PS Vita update to homebrew my vita

    So I purchased a Japanese PS Vita 1000 seems to work and behave just like a US PS Vita repaired it and all replaced the screen. Anyhow its currently on 1.69 firmware and trying to upgrade it to 3.60 via wireless and its just not working I have set the Primary DNS to the address required no...
  5. zincmann

    Hardware Purchased an original 3DS XL with a "Display issue" questions..

    So I purchased another 3DS XL from ebay with a "display issue" it turns on blue light stays on and no backlight sound or screen turning on. It also charges as normal. Here is what I have done so far based on what I have read online: Took it apart and cleaned all contacts and inspected all...
  6. zincmann

    Hacking So looking for some direction here - Original 3DS XL bought knowing it had a bricking issue but

    So i bought an original 3DS XL with the purpose of trying to fix it one way or another was described as charges turns on (blue light) for a bit and then shuts off not an immediate shut off which I think would indicate loose ribbon cable or connector. So I have done the following so far: -...
  7. zincmann

    Hacking Wii U via WUP Installer GX2 - All Games getting stuck not fulling installing

    Ok so I am new to the scene I did read through the Noon Guides carefully I did copy the Ticket files folders to my SD Card root under correct folder I installed the card back into my Wii U i have a 2TB WD Portable HD USB powered formatted by the WIi U for the Wii U **unless there is a different...
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