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    Please hit "Register" after hitting this link to view the thread. It will automatically place my forum name as the refferer. You didn't have a OT section, so I figured this would be the best place for it. Listen, I need you guys...
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    Gaming Remember Club Live?

    Wow - I remember getting a pink Zune back when and selling it in order to get the FIRST GEN iPhone. Good times. Looks liek I'll be getting more.
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    Bought a CycloDS!

    Go at other's head? He was asking questions and I was answering them. Act Godly elsewhere, or do you have no place to go? Okay? Thank you for trying to understand, but utterly failing. P.S. You are not as high and mighty as you seem. Letting Mod powers at a forum board go to your head? LOL.
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    Why is this so true?

    u jus' dun did postd heir.
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    Bought a CycloDS!

    Do you want us all to congratulate you or something? You got a Cyclo - like almsot every other member here.
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    New Super Mario Bros. 2 Beta

    Any pics?
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    Bought a CycloDS!

    They didn't announe any abandoment but they have been pretty late with the releases. DSTT is just a flashcart and will stay a flashcart till the day the whole team dies. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    Bought a CycloDS!

    DS-X being better than launch R4's? HELL NO I'm not joking. Cyclo's have been around since around 3 months after R4s were announced/launched.
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    Bought a CycloDS!

    The Cyclo isn't new. Nor is the DS-X, which at the time - was better than the R4.
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    Bought a CycloDS!

    It was never among the best. People were just to blind sided to see that other flashcarts were available.
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    Why is this so true?

    Only guly people would do this.
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    Bought a CycloDS!

    Wait - you actually have a fund to pay your iPhone bill?
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    ScuberSteve Memorial Thread

    We don''t care that he's leaving. Not everyone that leaves has to make it epic.
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    ScuberSteve Memorial Thread

    Apparently alot of people adore and love him.
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    ScuberSteve Memorial Thread

    So sad. So bad.
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    ROM Hack Pokémon Bloody Diamond

    I'm click the downloads link, but it's telling me I don't have permission to access /downloads on the server.
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    Missing members

    Did I, now?
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    The BoneMonkey Memorial

    Oh well.
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    Leaving GBAtemp very soon.

    If you die, I will cry myself to sleep that night.
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    Gamesh!t, and EBGames

    That's not good, at all. If those games were good, they should've gone for around stock price, 30 bucks. 30 x 4 is 120. You only got a 4th of that.
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