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    Hacking ModMii for Windows Official Support Topic

    I guess you simply forgot to read?
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    Homebrew Interested in Homebrew

    What you need is here: devkitPPC + libogc, examples are included.
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    Homebrew Use Visual C++ 2010?

    It's easy, I use it. I just like Visual Studio's Intellisense
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    Homebrew Yet Another Wad Manager Mod

    @giantpune: Did you actually ever try to patch a VC / WW title? I just tried it on a WW title and it just blackscreened when pressing return to menu.
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    Hacking Where can I find system menu skins?
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    Hacking Animated Wii Forwarder Channel by Leathl

    Another great Forwarder (I love it ) Download: Graphics: Jeanny (My Girlfriend) Animation: Leathl Music: Leathl Blocks: ~ 12 Title ID: 2HBB Paths: sd:/apps/homebrew_browser/boot.dol usb:/apps/homebrew_browser/boot.dol...
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    Hacking A by product of Crap, CrazyInstaller

    Works! And definitely better without console
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    Hacking A by product of Crap, CrazyInstaller

    Still the same Here's the error + solution: What IDE are you using when you say you ain't got the x86 option?
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    Hacking A by product of Crap, CrazyInstaller

    It still gives me the same error. I don't know if every part that's involved must be compiled for x86 only As for the console popping up, add this line: parameters.CompilerOptions = "/target:winexe";
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    Hacking A by product of Crap, CrazyInstaller

    Doesn't work.. Well, it apparently can't. As I read from the exception, CommonHelpers.dll calls zlib1.dll, so that one (CommonHelpers.dll) must be compiled for x86.
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    Hacking A by product of Crap, CrazyInstaller

    I'm getting an error when trying to create a self installer exe ony Win 7 x64. My guess is that you compiled for "Any CPU". As you're invoking an unmanaged 32 bit library (zlib1.dll), you need to compile for "x86" in order for it to work on 64 bit systems.
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    Hacking [Release] libWiiSharp

    I'll debug it later. Edit: Only a little bug in the TplConverter Example code, doesn't affect libWiiSharp.
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    Hacking [Release] libWiiSharp

    Next release will have the possibility to get streams passed.
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    Hacking CustomizeMii 3.0

    CustomizeMii is a custom channel creator for the Wii. The .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run this application! There is also a mono version which runs under Linux / Mac OS X (Requires the mono framework!) For any further information, see: Please use the...
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    Hacking [Release] libWiiSharp

    libWiiSharp is a Wii related .NET (2.0+) library. It can be used with any .NET language to easily develop Wii related applications. All public functions are documented and most should be pretty self-explanatory. There are also some example applications that use libWiiSharp included. If you...
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    Hacking Illegal or legal, Wad files of applications

    The brlans and brlyts are from vertigo, but NeoRame did edit them alot as he said.
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    Hacking Problem with creation 36 frames

    It might be colors/alpha values in the brlyt, though I'm not sure.
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    Hacking Restore Original WII theme

    There's not problem in getting the standard theme. Just download the base app for your system menu (e.g. with the nusfilegrabber from here:
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    Hacking A pune cIOS coming near you

    So, do you have any plans for a public release?
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