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  1. ddp127

    Hacking Thanksgiving and Christmas Giveaway!

    I will be celebrating Christmas with some family, but nothing special. Here in the Netherlands we don't do much for Christmas GBATemp PM
  2. ddp127

    Wanting a new youtube name with "Monkey" in it. use that one and append monkey until you find something nice
  3. ddp127

    Random numbers

    Thanks Matthew, hadn't noticed there error...
  4. ddp127

    How safe is the email you're sending?

    It's not safe at all, if you have a little bit of spare time, read this section of the php manual: a nice explanation about how you can send email using every email address you want. But if a hacker wants my homework for german lessons, they may have it.
  5. ddp127

    Cutest Pokémon

    reading this thread really made me cry, can a mod please delete all that crap? but on to a happier thing: skitty is cute
  6. ddp127

    Random numbers

    sorry, didn't know but what would be the advantage of using those ip's over random ones? edit: fixed it
  7. ddp127

    Random numbers

    Nobody can use IP adresses to hack a computer or anything, so why hiding it?
  8. ddp127

    Random numbers

    Have you ever wondered if people can choose random numbers? I did, so I put a survey on my website, to see what number gets chosen most often. If you want to fill in the survey (will only take 10 seconds), please read on. The purpose of this survey is to find out how people think of a number...
  9. ddp127

    Hacking New DSL/i

    dealextreme has refurbished ones, for +- 90 $
  10. ddp127

    Hardware GBA - Green pixel?

    any flashcart will do, but if you dont have one, there is another way you can also use a xboo cable: the download contains a document about how to make one, its the easiest if you have a older computer with a parallel port. a xboo cable...
  11. ddp127

    Hacking oke have some questions for you! about usb loader

    1. Yes 2. Maybe somewhere in the future, but dont count on it 3.;#entry2169297;#entry2151231
  12. ddp127

    Hardware GBA - Green pixel? for the gba, you can run it in any emulator on the exact spot to fix your computer monitor
  13. ddp127

    Hacking Is there a way to change TitleID of game ISO (for USB loader)

    there are some wbfs managers who can do that, but you can also just grab a hex editor, and change the first 6 bytes of the iso file
  14. ddp127

    Hacking "Cylon"

    its just some board to be able to check if mini has full controll of the memory slots, the leds are connected to some random pins, and the sequence is just some mini program for testing purpose
  15. ddp127

    Hacking New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    you can also use a 512 mb usb stick, almost everyone has these
  16. ddp127

    Hardware Gameboy SP Flash Crds

    like how_do_i_do_that said, ez4 is the last decent thing left, since m3's are not produced anymore, and the supercard crashes often
  17. ddp127

    Hacking preloader 0.30

    because its useless
  18. ddp127

    Hacking Banner Brick

    other than waiting for a pal version of smashstack or buying a modchip, i dont see any way to recover
  19. ddp127

    Hardware Touch screen on GBA SP

    already exists quite long, but it's still awesome!
  20. ddp127

    Hardware Recommended size of WBFS Partition

    use 500 gb, its enough, and unless you are collecting every wii game in existance, you wont need 1tb. you cant resize wbfs partitions, so if you need more space, you first need another drive where all your games fit on, copy them to the other drive, repartition and reformat the 1tb drive, and...
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