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  1. chankarik

    Hardware Dead eMMC swapped for a new one, but...

    Hello, guys. I am the dude with the previously-dead emmc. Well, I ended up acquiring a new eMMC from China and it arrived yesterday. Since then, I have been trying to restore my rawNAND.bin without success. Whenever I try it, it shows me the warning that you can see on the picture, in red...
  2. chankarik

    Hacking Eternal RCM Mode?

    Hey guys, So, I've been dealing with lots of trouble with my Switch not recognizing my eMMC NAND at all, despite multiple tries and diagnostics. There is a somewhat-lengthy tread that has all the symptoms and whatnot. Anyway, since I believe everyone who's trying to help me reached a full stop...
  3. chankarik

    Hacking eMMC error - dead internal memory

    So, I have come to the conclusion that the eMMC board on my Switch may be dead or non-functioning, since no apps or tools can 'see' the internal memory. I have tried pretty much everything I could, except trying to restore the NAND Backup I have from an earlier version (6.2), because I believe...
  4. chankarik

    Hacking Can't boot Atmosphere - very rare error?

    Hey there. I've searched everywhere for a solution to this, but no luck. Yesterday, I coudn't boot atmosphere after injecting it. All I got was a weird message: "Failed to send op cond! Fatal error: Failed to mount at least one partition: I/O error. Press POWER to reboot." When I did, it...
  5. chankarik

    Hacking NNU-Patcher to access eshop from 5.5.1 also works

    Yes - as long as you haven't updated yet, you can still access loadiine, run NNU-Patcher from it and then access the eshop to get the DS game (Brain Age?), to convert it into Haxchi and go online-free. This has been brought to my attention by Kauan Binario Kubosuke, a friend and subscriber to...
  6. chankarik

    Homebrew [Help] GBA cias

    Quick summary - I have RxTools 2.6 on EmuNand, and I can run cias just fine. I've heard you need to install GBA cias to both SysNand and EmuNand for them to work, so I've tried doing that. On FBI, I chose to install the cias both to SD and NAND, but all that did was create un-ending gifts with...
  7. chankarik

    Hey there :)

    I've been a lurker for long, but recently I've decided to get closer to the community and also offer some help to my fellow Brazilians get into the scene by making tutorial videos on YT.'s good to be here! I've learned much from these forums throughout the years.
  8. chankarik

    Hacking Updating RxTools and using GBA cias

    I have an old version of it and wanted to update it to the nightlies one - that's the one with native GBA support, right? I would only do this for the GBA games anyway, as I can't make them work at all in RxTools (I think it's version 2.4). So I would really like to know how to do the update -...
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