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  1. GreatMightyP00

    Gaming Weird issues with Meteoid Zero Mission FeRAM

    Hey, my Metroid Zero Mission game pak's internals are that of an FeRAM reprint's, like what is shown in this stock photo, yet I still have an SRAM-esque issue where the game just suddenly stopped maintain a save for more than a few hours. Does this mean that there's internal damage in my gba pak?
  2. GreatMightyP00

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC characters already selected - Chosen by Nintendo

    Gibbe dat Liquid Ocelot pls. Make all of Cam Clarke's videos mean something. Though, Naked/Venom would be easier, since they could just replace Colonel, Mei Ling, and Hal with Zero/Miller, Para-Medic, and Huey/Eva
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