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    Gaming my time at sandrock

    hello I find it weird that there was no info on this game on any gbatemp will probably rectify after its if its not me who have not seen it I can't wait for him to come out looks better than my time at portia someone has a time machine will be released on console all the info on the...
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    ROM Hack Discussion Bug pokemon sword update 1.2.0 old save

    Hello I use sxos 3.0.2 fw 10.0.4 I have try everything when I launch it puts me loading with switch at the bottom right endless and does not want to launch the games the only method is to delete the save so that it works everything worked on the previous version I tried the new pkhex to redo a...
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    ROM Hack Suggestion Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX = the reception areas as before

    hello which would be perfect, put back the reception areas as before and create the new areas for the new reception areas
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