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  1. ddp127

    Random numbers

    Have you ever wondered if people can choose random numbers? I did, so I put a survey on my website, to see what number gets chosen most often. If you want to fill in the survey (will only take 10 seconds), please read on. The purpose of this survey is to find out how people think of a number...
  2. ddp127

    avatar selection

    in the control panel, when selecting a avatar, it says that you can select .txt files: but it tried, since i had nothing else to do, but it didn't work so where is it for?
  3. ddp127

    Hacking Generating cIOS wad

    if you want to do that, you have to dump your nand, and make the wad from the dump, because waninkoko made a safety measure (?) so you cant dump ios 249
  4. ddp127

    latest discussions list

    in the latest discussion box on the frontpage of gbatemp, it shows a newspaper icon for the posts in the wii backuploaders and emulation subforums, can this be changed to a wii icon, just like the other sections?
  5. ddp127

    GCN 2 broken gamecube controllers...

    i have 2 big ben gamecube controllers, and they were good for about 3 months, but now one always walks to the left (i tried it over 50 times, and i didn't touched anything), and the other does nothing when i hold it in some possitions, and it only rumbles ands doesn't react when i press a button...
  6. ddp127

    Gaming fan is making to much noise

    a few days ago i installed a dvd writer, but now the fan in my computer makes about 7-8 times more noise, does anybody know how to fix that?
  7. ddp127

    Hacking disc doesn't eject

    i don't know what happend, but my wii doesn't eject discs anymore! when i press the eject button, the wii stops reading the disc, but it doesn't come out, and the disc loads again so now i can't play any other game than super mario galaxy my wii is 3.2e, with preloader installed
  8. ddp127

    is it legel?

    i have read some articles, but i still dont know, is it legal to download movies or music? is it legal to download movies or music over nzb? is it legal to download parts of software? and, is it legal to download parts of software over nzb? and does anybody know the dutch rules? because i have...
  9. ddp127

    ds or dsi?

    i am gonna buy a ds, but should i wait for the dsi to come here in europe or just buy a ds lite? is the dsi so much better, is it worth the missing of the gba slot?
  10. ddp127

    Hacking can i use texture's on my .wad files?

    is it possible to patch a n64 rom of ocarina of time with new texture's, and than inject it into a ocarina of time .wad so i can play it on my wii with "high resolution" graphics. i was thinking about something like this:
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