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  1. rtur

    Gaming Titles to play in local multiplayer

    Hello, What would be your top 3 games to play local multiplayer? I'm open to any kind of games, but with a preference for "quick play" games, just to have fun once in a while. I'm thinking so far at mario party, mario kart, mario <insert sport name>, but I haven't more original ideas... :D...
  2. rtur

    Question Custom forum theme

    hello, I'm struggling with the color scheme / layout of the forums. I get completely lost with quotes, signatures, where to hit quote, which post am I actually quoting (the one above or below), etc. That is highly personal, I'm not shitting on the forum itself. However, is there any built-in...
  3. rtur

    Homebrew Hombrew development, which are the best ported libraries

    hey, I'm gonna start porting a game to the 3DS. It's gonna be a 2D using simple tilesets. What are the up to date libraries to use nowadays for 3ds development? So far, I got the ctrulib, of course ( I also got some utilities via the 3dsportlibs...
  4. rtur

    Hacking Changing SD Card: should I reinstall my CFW?

    Hello, I've got my O3DS running Luma3ds using the A9LH. I want to upgrade my SD card, I wanted to make sure I could just copy the content of my previous card to the new SD card and end up ok? Is there **any** brick possible if I do this? The new SD card will have a different size than the...
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