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  1. GameSoul

    Hey gbatemp forums

    Welcome to the temp bro
  2. GameSoul

    Your First Smartphone

    Samsung Infuse 4G was my first. Pretty decent too. Upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note after which I'm currently using now.
  3. GameSoul

    Video game should be same thing in real life

    Yeah in the game we can file bankruptcy, raise a family, die from a pistol shot and start over from the beginning being born in a hospital lol
  4. GameSoul

    The 'You Are Banned' Game

    Banned for not laughing at his copyrighted theme song joke.
  5. GameSoul

    The 'Alphabet Game'

    Understand why I have brought you here? Vicious animals have attacked the town. Why the hell are they only killing men?
  6. GameSoul

    Video game should be same thing in real life

    Guys, he is right. Games should be like real life. In-game you can play a game that plays just like real life, so you can live while you live.
  7. GameSoul

    Which game are you playing through for the first time?

    Playing Persona 3 and GTA Chinatown on PSP. Great games
  8. GameSoul

    Video Game Logic

    Speaking about mutes. The protagonist in those Pokemon games is a champ. I think everyone understands him through sign language or something. A silent tyrant who doesn't know the meaning of a loss.
  9. GameSoul

    Which should I buy?

    Seriously, I'm in the OP's position and I wanted to get this PSPGO but $70 is hella crazy. EDIT: He's not kidding. My Gamestop is selling a pre-owned PSPGO for the same price. Going down there today.
  10. GameSoul

    The Future: Spend $60 for an unfinished game.

    Don't forget the limited editions you can spend $100 on to get those extra experiences for 'free'
  11. GameSoul

    worst genre of video game

    I may be one of the few who actually enjoy sports games. The only ones I played were MLB and NBA. I always enjoy 360 dunking on people when I am too lazy/out of shape to do it myself.
  12. GameSoul

    Comment by 'GameSoul' in 'It's been a long time coming'

    lol. if i did that id have to make a schedule of what to use and when!
  13. GameSoul

    Comment by 'GameSoul' in 'I'm back'

    I think I remember you, but welcome back.
  14. GameSoul

    Video Game Logic

    Able to spend millions of dollars in equipment to kill one person (Any Call of Duty game)
  15. GameSoul

    Know Your Temps: Guild McCommunist

    How's life treating you? Recall seeing me around a few centuries ago? Any new games you are looking forward to? How often do you play video games in a week? What do you think of the game Skyrim? What kind of TV shows do you like to watch? Do you have any pets or siblings? What character or...
  16. GameSoul

    Would you buy an Original NES/SNES controller converted to USB?

    Personally I wouldn't buy one since I've gotten so used to using my PS3 controller but I like the idea.
  17. GameSoul

    It's been a long time coming

    After a vacation from the Temp I can see not much has changed since the last time I visited. I can't believe I've already been here for four years. Seems just like yesterday when I first came here looking for translation patches. I lost my iPod Touch 2G on New Year's after 2 years of it's great...
  18. GameSoul

    Comment by 'GameSoul' in 'i hate having the only 3ds in my area'

    ...and that is why we have the internet lol
  19. GameSoul

    i hate having the only 3ds in my area

    ...and that is why we have the internet lol
  20. GameSoul

    Gaming PSVita prices announced in the UK

    Well, guess it's time to start saving up.
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