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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    Requesting Diablo II character reset cheat. Thanks.
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    Valve officially announces Steam Deck, its handheld gaming PC releasing this December

    The cheapest model looks great for it's price, I would be tempted to buy it as a computer. They're definitely overcharging for storage though, I hope one can add SSDs to it.
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    Comment by 'bodefuceta' in 'Why I hate screws'

    A dremel-like rotary power tool usually has tools to saw it off. A small drill, cutting disc, mill or even grind stone should suffice. Very handy tool to have anyway so just get one, it's cheap in chinese websites.
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    Gaming Bravely default 2

    Is this a sequel? I played bravely default but not bravely second and now there's bravely default 2 which is a different game. Talk about confusing names.
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    Are you a pirate?

    No, I just legally play backup copies of games I owned in my previous life
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    Monster Hunter January 2021 digital event coverage

    What's supposed to be MH5? Generations?
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    The media's attempt to prove they deliver real news

    That's great on you, my friend, otherwise you'd suffer from a very common but rather unknown pathology called Gell-Mann Amnesia.
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    Give-away [CLOSED - WINNER ANNOUNCED] GBAtemp PocketGo S30 retro handheld give-away

    I don't want it but I'd rather get instead of you.
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    Covid-19 vaccine

    Then you must have some amazing evidence that the virus spread can't be described by a generalized logistic function or that the transmission rate is much higher than believed practically everywhere.
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    Gaming Ps5 prison break... Hack speculation mind-blowing

    You're correct I'd say, and also add how nice NDS VC works on the Wii U. But I was talking about the PS5, the games for it right now barely matter in comparison to BC. If it was cracked open today, I might get one just for BC and wouldn't mind if newer PS5 games weren't playable for some years more.
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    Gaming Ps5 prison break... Hack speculation mind-blowing

    But ps5 is backwards compatible, that will definitely be the largest game library asset for at least five years anyway.
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    Covid-19 vaccine

    Falun dafa seeks nothing but (religious) freedom in china and are being actively persecuted, sent to concentration camps and having their organs harvested right now. But I see you think they wrote a couple of "fake news" so it's OK if they just get wiped off the earth right? Yes, they are...
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    Covid-19 vaccine

    It sucks to hear this. Each day it seems like children become more like a commodity, something the government owns and allow you to raise the child for them, as long as you comply with their doctrines. Like a car that you "buy" and they take if you don't pay an yearly tax.
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    Covid-19 vaccine

    It just so happens that I am not old, fat or willing to pay for this suspicious injection. If I were to get it, I would be at the end of the queue anyway, meaning the vaccine is more likely a very unnecessary risk than anything else.
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    Covid-19 vaccine

    50% is more than enough for herd immunity, as the current transmission rate is definitely below 2. (though it may take a bit of time until the tranmission is completely curbed, the risk will be hugely reduced)
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    Covid-19 vaccine

    If it works, I don't need it because other people will take it, be immune and not transmit the virus to me. If it doesn't work, I shouldn't take it anyway. This way I can get all the benefits and no potential side effects. Egotistical? Perhaps so, but I don't care about your opinion! Go and...
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    Devotion announced for GOG, then gets blacklisted from the storefront hours later

    GOG may end up with higher market value thanks to this decision, but it has definitely become morally bankrupt, leaving behind just the shell of a company who could otherwise be a champion in the fight toward digital freedom.
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    Ryan Hernandez sentenced to 3 years in prison after hacking Nintendo and possessing illegal images

    Thanks FBI, you are the best. Remember kids, never complain about someone who has ring -3 access to your computer and can put you in prison for life at will.
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    Homebrew On 2020, please stop to advice the external HDD for your Wii U......

    Hard drives with separate power supplies (wall plugs) are the patrician's choice.
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