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    DS #5264: Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth (Europe)

    I do enjoy Matt Smith's take on the Doctor. Tennant was brilliant, but it was definitely his TIME to go, if you'll pardon the pun. He would have risked becoming stagnant, or, if he excelled too greatly, making ANY following Doctor a disappointment. I might grab this for my siblings - they, like...
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    Gaming What do you like in Golden Sun series?

    Ah yeah. No, the series is a continuing arc - might be why you didn't find the story interesting. Also, I would recommend not skipping the dialogue; I usually hate really wordy video-games but I've read every single bit of text in GS1&2. The screen IS quite small, but I believe it works with...
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    Gaming What do you like in Golden Sun series?

    The dialogue that put you off is the best storyline of any game that I've played, and that's saying something; even better than platinum console games that are "story focused" like Mass Effect. (Which was a hunk of shit, but that's not for this conversation.) Quite simply, I don't think the game...
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    Gaming pokemon black/white prob?

    Yeah; I think the problem is due to the saves being "compatible" but not FULLY compatible. You probably need to trade the pokemons across to a black save.
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    Gaming pokemon black/white prob?

    Are you still trying to use your White save on your Black rom? Because that's probably the problem - speaking as a relative amateur when it comes to these sorts of things.
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    Gaming is Soma Bringer worth the time??

    This was the experience I had; everyone said how great it was but I just didn't dig it. Just my two cents worth.
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    Gaming Your Favorite Pokemon Games

    Yeah, Pokemon Silver. Anything past that point is complete crap, IMO.
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    Gaming Goodbye DS?

    By the time the DS is released, I plan on having a nice stable source of income that I can rely on and as such will have no need for a flashcart. Just like the GBA before it, I can see Nintendo attempting the "These aren't REALLY competing hardwares" but then the 3DS becomes the clear favourite...
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    Gaming Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City

    Question, guys: what would be a suitable party for an extreme noob like me to play with, and what skills should I invest in? I really want to get into this game but I'm worried about the difficulty curve.
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    Gaming Harvest Moon?

    If I was to load FoMT onto a Slot-2 and then plug in HM DS into the top of my DS, would the game detect FoMT and then give me the extra features? To do this, would I have to load it into NOR (or whatever.) Sorry if this is written hastily - pressure from a younger member of the family who is...
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    Gaming What will the 3rd Edition of Pokémon B/W be called?

    Pokemon DoWeNeedAnother Pokemon ICan'tBelieveYouGuysBuyThisCrap Pokemon Seriously,It'sJustTheSameGameOverAndOver. Pokemon I'mSoSickOfMakingThese. Pokemon JUSTSTOPALREADY. Pokemon *gunshot*
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    Gaming What will the 3rd Edition of Pokémon B/W be called?

    Wrong. It is grey everywhere but America. Becuz you simple folk can' speel gud. I would have to go with Grey as well. They definitely could market it; I mean, they marketed Red and Blue and they aren't the most exciting colours.
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    Gaming Mature?

    The second Assassin's Creed is definitely worth playing even if you didn't enjoy the first. I was about to suggest TWEWY; probably the only game I've played on the DS with such a psychological and philosophical bent, and it's an extreme shame that there aren't more.
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    Gaming NO!! To Black/White screenies

    I sincerely doubt this is fake, Bumpman. I think this is a case of companies intimidating smaller websites into submitting to their will. I sincerely doubt if someone were to keep these images up that Nintendo would take legal action (although if they did, those people would be screwed, because...
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    Gaming Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City

    Thanks for the awesome thread. I tried the first one, but I really couldn't get into it. However, hopefully this one will be good. It is an extremely awesome premise, in my opinion. However I'm not extremely hardcore like a lot of people on GBAtemp. Especially when it comes to jRPGs. But I do...
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    Gaming Soft Reset

    Interesting discussion. I usually am a total whore with Soft-Reset. I don't EVER want to turn my DS off; simply to avoid that stupid bloody safety warning at the start of the bootup. Could just be me that's really annoyed by that though.
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    Gaming Hotel dusk 2

    I don't think I'd classify it as "one of those gems that not many people care about." As far as I could understand, half of GBAtemp goes insane whenever I hate on Hotel Dusk. I'm sure an AP patch is being worked upon across the entire internets, just a matter of time.
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    DS #DSi 0079: Grease: The Official Video Game (Europe)

    Yeah, I just watched this recently (was forced to by some female friends; I didn't willingly sit through John Travolta singing falsetto. ) The movie was... Egh. I would say it was full of familiar tropes, but that seems a bit unfair as this was the movie that CREATED those tropes. It's decent...
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    Gaming File Size Of Pokemon Black/White?

    Everything looks awesome apart from perhaps.. AND And nearly all the other Pokemon they've announced.
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    Gaming Harvest moon? well im bored..

    If possible, Crimzon, I would recommend Friends of Mineral Town for the GBA. That was the best HM so far, IMO. Brilliant graphical style and the mechanics just all 'meshed' together.
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