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  1. funnystory

    Coming soon...

    Is this a pitbull? Fuck pitbulls are not adorable they are a real health hazard. That dog could really fuck someone up. auto So adorable
  2. funnystory

    Hacking A9LH Luma3DS: Should Clock + L2 be enabled at all times on the N3DS?

    I heard just clock will work with every single game. I am interested in the answer as well.
  3. funnystory

    How often do you swear?

    lol @ the age of the forum members here
  4. funnystory

    The Official Family Gathering WIN Paint Thread

    Stop tagging me child.
  5. funnystory

    Hacking Installed a9lh in o3ds, sysnand doesn't boot up even after re-flashing it

    Ask for other opinions first though,I find it hard to believe your nand chip would be fried.
  6. funnystory

    Homebrew Super Mario Kart Arcade GP 1 & 2 cam support?

    How are you playing mario kart arcade? You actually own the system or is there a way to play on the wii?
  7. funnystory

    Comment by 'funnystory' in 'Hundshamer's Hard Mod'

    Dude what irritates me about this is that people keep recommending hundshammer, this guy should banned in all honesty. Breaking peoples n3ds,sending n3ds with faulty wires,this is bullshit! The guy has 10 members n3ds at his smoke filled house while he went missing. The guy is rude to his...
  8. funnystory

    Comment by 'funnystory' in 'Hundshamer's Hard Mod'

    It's possible that he nuked a few units and doesnt know what to do.
  9. funnystory

    Comment by 'funnystory' in 'Hundshamer's Hard Mod'

    @UniqueGeek the fact that he has exams is irrelevant to his loyal customers,you deserve prompt response and answers. The thing that makes me sick about this whole process is that if I bricked my a9lh(which I didnt) I would have been in the same position as you.
  10. funnystory

    Hardware 2DS Suggested Price Drops to $79.99

    Havent they always been 79? auto So you have been following my posts for about 3 months pestering me relentlessly about bricking my 3ds(even when I never bricked one in my life) yet you own a bricked system,how ironic. Now I understand why you keep bringing up slanderous comments about me...
  11. funnystory

    Comment by 'funnystory' in 'Hundshamer's Hard Mod'

    @cheesecake as a customer his personal life is honestly not your problem. He is providing a service here,at this point he is apparently dodging PM's. Imagine if you took your car to get repaired and the mechanic told you he had other priorities in his life,would you be happy? I could understand...
  12. funnystory

    Comment by 'funnystory' in 'Hundshamer's Hard Mod'

    @uniquegeek if he doesnt return everyones n3ds he is stealing potentially over 1000$+ in electronics. People get banned for much sillier things.
  13. funnystory

    How to build self confidence?

    Best way to build self confidence is to feel good about who you are and achieving success in your life(job,body,ect) Hitting the gym would be good,I also think if you start having more success with the ladies you will feel alot better about yourself. auto LOL this was clown as fuck ! auto...
  14. funnystory

    Comment by 'funnystory' in 'Hundshamer's Hard Mod'

    unique you should go ahead and send this to the mods that way there won't be other victims.
  15. funnystory

    Comment by 'funnystory' in 'Hundshamer's Hard Mod'

    Maybe he got overwhelmed and disappeared. Who knows but no one here can say "I vouch for hundshammer" unless you know him personally.
  16. funnystory

    Hardware Worth upgrading from O3DSXL to N3DSXL?

    For normal 3ds games clock is the right feature though right?
  17. funnystory

    Hardware Worth upgrading from O3DSXL to N3DSXL?

    It says off,Clock,L2,Clock+l2 which one should I select?
  18. funnystory

    Hardware Worth upgrading from O3DSXL to N3DSXL?

    Ive been wanting to try the overclock feature on luma. Is it as simple as enabling it by turning the system on and pressing select?
  19. funnystory

    Hardware Worth upgrading from O3DSXL to N3DSXL?

    I never bricked my 3ds in my entire life. Link the thread.You seem salty because you are immature for your age,I never bricked my 3ds or n3ds. auto When I bought mine there was only xl. Still charging 200$ for a dated console is an outrage.
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