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  1. mightymuffy

    Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack pricing information revealed

    Not been through the entire thread so dunno if it's been mentioned already, but the jump is not half as bad here in the UK (and Europe), with regular NSO consting £35 here for a 12 month family, going up to £60 for this. Using the current exchange rate that puts the $80 price in the US about the...
  2. mightymuffy

    Do you go to nightclubs?

    Holy shit the tales I could tell you about my clubbing adventures....:D Most major cities in the UK, and usually went out clubbing every friday and saturday (often thurdays and sundays too) 'back in the day' Being 46 however I'm well aware of the fact I look fukkin ridiculous in a nightclub now...
  3. mightymuffy

    What sources back up the anti-vaccine movement?

    :lol: - K then, let's rephrase it.... Let's pretend whoever the geezer was that said it was right (and come on, I don't believe it for a second either!) - and there really is aborted fetus stuff in the vaccines... where in hell is he gonna GET proof of this? Is Bill Gates himself gonna strut up...
  4. mightymuffy

    What sources back up the anti-vaccine movement?

    ....Do you have any proof they don't? (I'm double vaxxed by the way) And if you so-called do, was this told to you by a family member or similar who actually made it, or simply 'someone reputable' *snigger* I take it you're the OP of this latest clusterfuck.... lemme guess, when the...
  5. mightymuffy

    Twitch source code, passwords, SDKs, and more made publically available in major leak

    Funniest bit of this was the 4chan link slagging off Twitch as a "disgusting toxic cesspool" Ooh the irony....:lol:
  6. mightymuffy

    Homebrew Emulator Destruction Derby PSX

    I think (and this might sound harsh ...sorry!) you may need to find a forum that speaks in your native language, that'll help you better than we can, coz frankly I'm not quite sure what you're even asking for at this point....:lol:
  7. mightymuffy

    Homebrew Emulator Destruction Derby PSX

    Assuming the first half of that sentence is correct and it does fully work, then yes your N2DSXL will be able to run it ;)
  8. mightymuffy

    Homebrew Emulator Destruction Derby PSX

    Whoa there, that was from 10 years ago and for the Wii via WiiSX! PowerISO is my preferred program of choice for burning to bin, you could try that. Alternatively you could simply go the legally grey area and download a copy, I personally don't see an issue there (although let's not go into that...
  9. mightymuffy

    Any disadvantages on modding a PAL Wii U?

    Nah no worries at all, follow the guides and your PAL Wii U will be able to do everything a NA one can ;)
  10. mightymuffy

    First game you remember playing?

    Something on the Atari 2600, the old chap bought one at launch, and rented games per week from the local video shop so it could've been anything really, I probably wouldn't have been older than 3 or 4 when I first started playing..
  11. mightymuffy

    Nintendo Direct Sept 23rd - roundup - N64 games coming to Switch Online, Bayonetta 3 trailer

    It's become quite the in thing to say on teh interwebs, but my God I really did think we were getting The Last of Us: Nintendo Edition at the beginning of that Kirby trailer. Highlight of the show for me though! Actraiser remake, that's nice... Splatoon 3, well it looked fun? Never touched a...
  12. mightymuffy

    Covid-19 vaccine

    Ssssooo you think if everyone in the world suddenly got vaxxed the pandemic would instantly stop and all restrictions lifted?? :rofl: No lad, just no... go and do the maths ffs! I'm double vaxxed, kinda had to be for my job, not exactly arsed either way, but hey, I guess now I'm 78% less...
  13. mightymuffy

    PlayStation Showcase September 9th - roundup - new God of War: Ragnarok trailer

    September is considered nearly the end of the year is it... come back when I've finished lighting the last firework on bommy night, then we can start talking 'nearly the end of the year' :P Otherwise, you're half right: 2022 games I'll agree are worth showing off, even in September! But 2023...
  14. mightymuffy

    What game are you most addicted too?

    Console/PC - not a lot, I still have to play Animal Crossing NH every day, but that's because the missus is addicted and would kick off if I didn't share that addiction :lol: [Open]RCT2 gets a good play from me still, once a week tops though these days. Over on mobile, well Pokemon GO... it's...
  15. mightymuffy

    Take-Two takes legal action against reverse engineered re3 & reVC projects

    Ah yes good old Take Two, it's like they watch Nintendo being arseholes and then shout 'hold my bag..' In these guys cases, taking down what is actually extending the shelf life of their products, well the mind fukkin boggles! :lol: Like has been said this should be a laughably big L for them...
  16. mightymuffy

    Hardware POLL: Will you get a PS5

    Dubious? Clearly it's cost effective ...could it be that the new heatsink continues to allow the machine to operate within whatever parameters Sony has set for it? There's no way Sony would want another YLOD. 90C sounds high, but in reality it's not the end of the world, and it wouldn't be...
  17. mightymuffy

    Gamescom 2021 - Xbox conference roundup

    No Halo.....? - xcloud coming to Xbox One is probably the biggest news, been mentioned for a while but nice to know we've got concrete info/release window. Horizon 5? Well I'm that big a fan I'm already sold, but nice to see a bit more! And that seemed to be about it really :lol:
  18. mightymuffy

    Hardware On my birthday i got a 4k lg monitor. Any ideas how to build a pc a round it, with a small budget?

    Like deadliner says 'with a small budget' is not particularly of much use to us if you want help - gpu-wise, a 1060 isn't that bad for 1080p gaming and gpu prices are still massively inflated: I don't think any gpu upgrade that offers good 4k performance for your new monitor will fall into...
  19. mightymuffy

    Judge says RomUniverse site owner must delete all pirated content following permanent injunction

    I'm impressed by the guy's gall to be honest, and just read he's allowed to pay back the $2.1M fine in monthly installments of $50? Well that won't take long will it.... although he'd already missed his first payment so that might add up for him ...but he tried to put his site back up as well...
  20. mightymuffy

    A new Nintendo Indie World Showcase will be livestreamed tomorrow

    Hopefully we'll get the Spelunky 1 & 2 release date, would also like to see Rogue Legacy 2 mentioned (that's one's been in early access for a while now) ...but really, I'll be getting this news off a gaming site rather than (wasting 20-ish minutes?) watching it ;)
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